Monday, October 31, 2016

Who brought the snake to the Halloween party?

Sorry forgot to also say, Bella and Yorin, two of the seaweed Chinese
girls I taught in YSA got baptised this week, so we got to go back and
be there for their special day :)

Week five of transfers always seems to be a bit of a dip, for whatever reason, but this week wasn't all that bad!! In fact it was quite smashing haha idk if that's the right usage of that word, but that's ok;)
I'm just sitting here at the chapel looking out the window at the colourful leaves thinking.... What the! How is it Halloween already?!!! It's still January! Hahaha nah, but it is pretty crazy that today is Halloween! I remember always reading through our mission binder about how Halloween and guy Fawkes night (this Saturday) are deemed unsafe to be out past 5pm.... Sooooo ha HAAA we made it!! The holidays are upon us.
One of the funniest moments this week was while tracting last night, we knocked, the man opened it, walked away, then came back to the door a few seconds later with a bowl of sweets!! Haha we were just like... No we are here to share something With YOU!! Haha
It's been a week of healing and comfort. I had a good bit of time to talk to President Ulrich, and it is amazing how inspired he is. I know that God qualifies those whom he calls, and that was an assurance from Him to me of His love and concern for me as His daughter, and servant in the field. (From both President Ulrich and mostly from Heavenly Father.) I have been studying a lot in Alma lately, and this theme has been so evident all throughout this week. He sends us assurances. In Alma 58:10 it says, "Therefore we did pour out our souls in prayer to God, that he would strengthen us and deliver us out of the hands of our enemies, yea, and also give us strength that we might retain our cities, and our lands, and our possessions, for the support of our people." I have felt that same urgency, pouring out prayers to God. But verse 11 is what I love so much, "Yea, and it came to pass that the Lord our God did visit us with assurances that he would deliver us; yea, insomuch that he did speak peace to our souls, and did grant unto us great faith, and did cause us that we should hope for our deliverance in him." I have had many assurances throughout my life, and particularly throughout this week that have touched my heart and given me that much needed faith, peace, and hope for a bright future. Bless the AP's for giving us blessings, and for such an incredibly supportive ward. I got to give a talk on Sunday, and i was overwhelmed by how inspired that assignment was... Aka we have more me ever lessons this week than ever!! Haha but it's true. He is 100%in the details of life.
So sorry if this email is quite bland... Nothing terribly exciting has happened... If you couldn't tell hahaha but Emann is progressing reeeeeAlly well!! Pray he receives his answer to be baptise on the 12th!! He is so prepared :) and he gets along super well with all of the ward member,s especially the WML, yay!!
But anywayyyyyssss!!!! Enjoy this wonderful celebration of eating so much yum and good luck at your game this weekend little brutha!!! Waytogooo!! Also, less than two months till Christmas, woop woop!!!! 
Love you all!!
See ya laytah!! Xx
Sister Carter
P.s. Yes, someone brought a massive Python named tickles to the ward Halloween party.. Photo booth props.. Ya know. Casual ;)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hi it's the Sister Elders!

Hahaha a less active this week called us the sister elders and we
died. Dead dead. Too good!! Haha
This week has had its ups and downs, but we powered through, and came
out stronger (per the norm) so there ya go!
Thank you for your emails, dahhhhhhh way to go Ethan!!!! Those
pictures are intense!! Yayayayyyy oh and btw you have grown a ton,
snap! I won't recognise any of yous when I get back!! Haha

Last Monday, for pday, the assistants wanted so bad to go to old
Trafford (Manchester United football stadium- they call soccer
football here, culture, nice one.) so we did! It was crazy fun! That
place is massive. The tour was quite prices, so we decided to check
out the gift shop instead haha!! And then we went to hotel football,
next door, so posh! And had chocolate bombs, yum I'll send ya a pic,
no worries ;)

We had our zone conference with all of the southern zones, and Sister
Gregson and I gave a training on nightly planning, needless to say...
Stress city. But it turned out great! I recognised sister Steele's
touch in the preparations they did ( she is now sister g's companion,
what?!) haha but it turned out really good. The hard thing about those
trainings is that for STLs we don't really have time to prepare it
together, considering we are in totally different zones. So we
coordinated during lunch... At zone conference! Haha But the Lord
takes care of His missionaries. :))

We worked hard and saw Harvey and things were good, but he kinda half
dropped us, so pray pray prayyyy that he doesn't seal the deal! We
were both pretty distraught about it. It is so hard not to blame
yourself for others decisions, but we will keep working with him (we
hope)!! So that was tough.

But we have two miracles that were incredible. No three I want to
share. We have an investigator, we call him E-man. He is a ref and
super old, and amazing. He has started really progressing, and wants
to be baptised!!! He came to church yesterday for part of it, and is
keeping his commitments, also he has a better memory than anyone I
know! So great. And June, the lady we are re activating, came to
church yesterday even after a 100% rubbish week. We love her so much.
Last one was last night, our aPpointment fell through, and our backup
didn't feel right. I felt we needed to go down to an area to call by a
lady we met a few weeks back, and Sister Stapel felt the same. We
headed down there. On the bus there were two YSA age girls sitting
diagonal in front of me. So just FYI, missionaries do get nervous and
scared sometimes, surprise, I know, but I felt so bad, I totally
chickened out to talk to them. But when I say I felt bad, I felt
reallllly bad. I had felt on the bus that I needed to speak to them,
making me feel even worse. I prayed I might somehow run into them
again. We went over to the lady's home, and as we walked away from her
home, there were the two girls walking up the street!!! Mid
conversation with sister Stapel, I run to talk to them. They are the
sweetest girls, and we referred them to the YSA. I know that God
allowed these two girls to cross my path again, and that he has much
in store for them. Miracles do happen. Every day.

I have been thinking a lot about humility lately. I have been feeling,
as we often do, that I have to do all of these things. My own power
and my own strength. I have to meet the needs of every single person
around me. Me me me. That is so selfish I thought. As I read in 1
nephi 7 this week about the prayer he said after he was bound (in
consequence of trying to help his brothers no less) with cords, I saw
this same pattern. He asked God if He would give him strength to burst
the bands. In answer to that prayer, God LOOSENS the bands, allowing
Nephi to go free. We don't have to count on ourselves and count on
added strength. If we do all we can, we can stand back and allow Him
to step in. Heavenly Father has power to loosen our bands. We can
create a way for our escape from tribulation much better than we can.
He has all wisdom, all power, and He loves us. Trust Him more, Count
on Him more. He wants to bless us. Let Him loosen your bands.

I know that God lives. I know that He loves us. He sent His Son, Jesus
Christ, to Atone for us. This is what allows the Plan of Salvation to
work. This is His church. This is His work.

I love you all,
Sister Carter

Monday, October 17, 2016

President Nelson in the EMM

Hiya yallright??
This week has literally flown by, I blinked and here I am again... It is so bazare, time is just so crazy.

So yes, Elder Nelson came to our mission!!! He was accompanied by Bishop Causee, Elder Hallstrom, and Elder Johnsonof the 70. It was INCREDIBLE!! We all went in prepared and ready, with questions in our hearts and an open mind. I felt literally like every speaker had seen a sign above my head with my questions written out on them, because everything they said was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. It was just like they were speaking directly to me. But I know I wasn't the only one who felt that way. Each missionary got to shake them and their wives hands, and I was overwhelmed with a sense of familiarity. I have never met these men before, but the spirit helped me understand that I truly did know them. I knew them since before this life, and the spirit they have within them is the same spirit that is in me, the Holy Ghost. Their words were so inspiring. We can find true joy and happiness even amid afflictions, as we learn to repent and become truly converted to the Lord. As our focus is on the Savior, everything else falls into place. I know that this is true. Obedience comes naturally when we love the Savior with all of our hearts. Faith is increased as we study and apply His Atonement into our daily lives.

Otherwise, I got to have an interview with President Ulrich, which was SO exciting, and got some uhmazing guidance on how to progress on this journey. I also was able to speak with sweet Sister Ulrich, who is literally like you mom! She is the best ;) 

Exchanges back in YSA was so weird... haha too soon? no it was good though, and I know that I am in a great place now to help those missionaries to continue to work hard and learn. I know that God places us where He needs us, when He needs us there to fulfill His purposes. 

I am trying to think of a story... OHHHH! ok, so Halloween is coming up, Yay! It makes things exciting always. But the thing is it gets dark super early here in England. So we are out in a neighborhood over really close to the airport.. details. So we are actually walking back to catch our bus home, and we look over, and see this van. The light is shining just right that we could see the bench and in the middle there is this mask, or manikin head..... SO CREEEPYYY!!! so we ran. haha dahhhhh we died.

Harvey is still doing well! Pray for him though! He came to church yesterday and loved it, so that was amazing, and we plan to have a family home evening with members and teach him tonight again, so exciting!!! But yes, keep him in your prayers!

I love you all! Keep doing what your doing, way to be the amazing missionaries that you are!
Sister Carter

Monday, October 10, 2016

How far is that plane sister?? ...Which way? It's Equidistant in both directions!

I am over the HILL y'all!!! I seriously can't believe it!!! What do
you think we did to celebrate my half way day Friday?? Chippy!!! Fish
and chips and mushy peas is where it is at!! Yous need to try it,
But whaaaaat a week!!! We started off so well, our district is super
close, and we all went to Piccadilly together for pday, and I was
like... Hmmm seems I never left! Haha no jokes, but it was good times,
cuz Elder nepamacema from Brazil got us some super good Brazilian
food, cochinha, yuuum! And guarana, also yum. But yes, diversity of
manchester is astounding!
After a brill district meeting, we went out and had a lesson win Ian,
on his doorstep, and we dated him for baptism!!! He is so prepared,
and we were both on top of the world!! Basically Tuesday and Wednesday
we were smashing it, teaching and finding and finding and teaching. So
good, and MLC Thursday was once again one of the most spiritual
meetings I've been in to date. But that's when Satan will get you.
We were both so excited and happy, and two realllllly tough days were
thrown at us. Literally every lesson fell through.... And the people
were not very polite towards us either. I know that it's the times we
feel super close to our Heavenly Father is the time when Satan
increases his pressure on us too. And wow, what a trial of our faith!
Yikes. But we powered through, and kept diligent, and wow am I so glad
we did.
Sunday though. Yes. I LOVE yesterday!! I came to church just ready to
go! Ready to meet every person, and excited! Also, I didn't realise
how much I'd missed taking the sacrament. But yeah, this ward is so
good! It was hard trying to survive two weeks before meeting the ward,
I didn't know who could fellowship or who we could go see, so
blessings, church, yay! So basically yeah, I talked to as many people
that I could and set up some great appointments, which is so exciting,
best thing is stress is much lower,yes. After church, we had a tea
appointment, and got to the area early to do some finding, we knocked
on a door, and Harvey opened up. HE IS UHMAZING. So good!! And we
shared a Book of Mormon with him, along with a great intro to the
church slash gospel. And invited him to the missionary fireside which
was in 2 hours, and he said yes!!! So after an amazing feast ( bless
the dicksons) we went with Harvey to the fireside!! And it was super
fab, but the best part was after, we introduced him to President, who
dated him for baptism on the spot!!!!!!!! Literally died.
I have seen literal miracles this week, including knocking on the door
of June, an inactive member who the Lord has been preparing so much to
come back. She has been reading the BoM a lot lately and when we came
to her home, she knew it was time. She came to the fireside last night
as well, and had words spoken directly to her. So incredible.
Ether 12:6 has been a theme throughout my whole mission, but I know
that Heavenly Father has to keep reminding me.. My memory. Rubbish.
But this week, it was so apparent and so real. I am incredibly
thankful for this short time at I have to serve the Lord, and for the
miracles and tender mercies He continuously gives to me.
So sorry these emails are always so longggg!!!! Just I have so many
thoughts!!! Also, yay Michigan falllll, hearttttt!!! It is so good to
hear everything is going good back home, and I can't wait to see the
bathroom when I get back!! Woo hoo!
Any ways, take it easy, and have some cider and donuts for me
Love you all!!
Sister Carter

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week # 35 Saved by the mission tour

Image result for central library manchester england

This week has been crazy and amazing!
We exchanged with the other sisters here in YSA on Tuesday, and it was
a blast. I am so blessed to get to serve with such crazy good sisters.
They help me improve every day! Blessings. But yeah, we had fun doing
a street display outside the central library just up the street. I
literally still can't even believe that I serve here, I'm seriously
just like... what?!
But we had a mission tour, basically a big fireside with elder and
sister leimer from the 70. It was such a powerful meeting. The best
part was when sister leimer told us all to allow the Lord to take the
burdens that He is already carrying. Just let the atonement to lift
that load. But yes, I feel like I learned so much, and mostly from the
spirit, not even from the words actually spoken. Powerful!
 And then MLC. Basically this week was a spiritual feast, packed with
it! I have never been in a meeting so full of the spirit. I could
literally feel it, it was tangible. So many brilliant ideas about
including the members in our work. Using our coordination meetings for
making goals amend plans, not reviewing the week. The Members are so
key, and i can see that you are already being such great member
missionaries! Help the ward to get on board, we'll work on it
together!! Haha
I have never been so tired in my life, but one of my fellow
missionaries said it just right, I will never be less tired, I will
just learn to live with it. Adjustments are brutal haha
Acer gets back in town this week, along with the rest of the
university students and heir moms!! It's going to get insane up in
here! Freshers week is what they call it, and wow, I am so excited!!
Oxford road will be packed, a full field, a whole ton of fish, and we
need to b that net, just catch them ALL!!! Woohoo!!!
I love falllllll!!!!!! And I love you all!!!
Sister Carter
Ps. take tons of pictures of Ethan's games and of everything, I mean
everything!!!!!!! Xoxo
Sorry I forgot to talk about this!
Saturday was elder fan and wings first baptism!! Her na,e is Muriel
and she is the sweetest Chinese girl! I love her so much. She bore the
strongest testimony after. She is going to be a leader here and in
China! <33

Week #34 words

Hi my people,
Wow, so i am literally sitting here saying to sweet Sister Haruyama... What do I even write to my family?? and she just laughed! haha true.
Thank you so much for the pictures and updates. I wish I could have been there, but as I was able to talk to President Ulrich for a bit about Grandpa's passing, he gave me some incredible and heartfelt words. I am now closer to Grandpa than I ever have been in my whole life. He is now an active part of my life and mission, and of all of our lives. He is happy. There is a reason for all of God's timing, and this is where I am meant to be, now. There is a reason that I am on my mission when he stepped from this life into the next part of the plan. One of which I testify every day, and understand more now than I ever have before in my life. A plan of happiness, eternal and unending happiness, where we can and will see every one of our loved ones again. The ones who surround us each and every day of our lives, who cheer for us, and cry with us. The ones who love us the most and are seriously invested in our lives. To them I owe my successes, my life, and my happiness. family is what it is all about.
Not very much happened this week, except WE MOVED INTO OUR OWN NEW FLAT!!! YESS. seriously, such a blessing, it's insane how much such a small thing can increase companionship unity, exponentially!! haha We have been laughing, talking, supporting, and loving each other SO much more than before. I know though, that once again, the Lord had a hand in the timing of this. He knows. He knows.
Acer is not quite ready to be baptised, we are still working with him. He is worthy, but just needs to really feel the spirit and answers to his prayers. Please pray for him! he is so close, but since he is homeless for the next two weeks (#uniproblems... i remember those days ;) he is traveling, and won't get back till the 14th... PRAY HARD!! daily contact has never been so real.
We have met some incredible people this week though, and it is so exciting that everyone is coming back! School starts soon, and oxford road is about to explode. I am bracing myself! haha
I am loving being an STL, and getting to be such an active part of the sisters lives. They are SO powerful, I am seriously so inspired by them. Each call in, and each exchange I have, I am so amazed at how truly noble and courageous these sisters are. It strengthens my testimony so much that God has saved us all to come forth at this time, and that we are the royal generation. But that also means that we have to work hard, He is counting on us! 
I have been reminded lately of the importance of faith. Faith is that driving force that keeps us going in the good and bad times. It is what gives us the drive to repent to change, to keep going. I LOVE Elder Eyring's talk from april 2012, mountains to climb. So good! Keep up the faith!
Also, its September... what is going on...???? Basically go to erwins and send me donuts and cider and APPLES!!! IT'S FALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! I love falllllll <333 haha but as Sister Lou just said, "its always fall in England" haha also true, but not Michigan fall. Sorry uk. Sorry. 
I LOVE YOU ALL SO STINKING MUCH!! good luck with school starting and work and everything!
Sister Carter

Week # 37 It's just like trick or treating!!!

Hey hi hello my amazing and beautiful family!!!! I love you all so

very very much!! I thought about how we were all doing the same thing

this weekend, how fun, we were all sitting there watching general

conference! Even though ours is at 5:00, it's still crazy that in
another part of the world, my fam is doing the same thing! Heart! Haha
but what a powerful set of meetings those were, wow!! I think
conference meant a lot to me while at home, but it is WAY more
valuable to me now! It is seriously like Christmas, like feasting,
literally. And I love it! My favourite talk was probably Elder
Bassett's talk, about how we need to quit comparing ourselves to
others and recognise where our true value lies. How does God see me or
you? I love that as we repent and strive each day to become better, we
can truly receive all that the Father hath. Also, I loved the talk
that mentioned how we will be overwhelmed with the beauty and majesty
of the kingdom we will inherit one day, but even more so, we will be
overwhelmed with the grace and mercy and love God extends towards us.
I know He loves us. He wants us to by happy eternally.
But in other news, YES I AM IN MAN SOUTH!!! Literally the central hub
of the mission, and it's insane!!! I love it here though! I will
definitely miss YSA, but it's good to miss your past areas, it means
you did something right (hopefully) haha In the sense that I loved it
;) and I will miss sister Ho, and speaking mandarin all the time,
buuuut sister stapel is bomb, so we are totally fine!! Haha I actually
got to go on exchange with her a few weeks ago, and it was so fun, and
the same is true for this past week.
It is so good to be back in a family ward, yay for tea appointments!!!
Haha and yay for tracting!! Woohoo yay!! Seriously though, the field
is soooo White and ready to harvest here, it's i tense. I know that
the Lord prepared me and helped me learn a lot from the fast pace of
YSA to implement here in man south, it's super exciting! There are 5
companion ships in our district, aka 10 missionaries in one
ward!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaa. Haha not counting President Ulrich and Sister
Ulrich (who are also in our ward)!!!!! Haha needless to say our
coordination meetings take some time... But the ward mission leader is
on point! He remembered me from all the way back in July when o came
on exchange here! Crazy! It's cuz he lived in Westland, and we totally
made a connection, plus he says I have an easy name to remember
compared to all the other crazy ones here... Which is true haha so
it's exciting times!!
Sister Stapel is gorgeous, and just finished her first 6 weeks, so
back into training mode, woooooo!!!! Haha literally the best kind of
mode, I love it so much! The excite,met and enthusiasm is up and we
are smashing it! Plus we get to run in the morning, so thank
goodness.... Yeah... Haha I am still the STL, and I am relieved from a
lot of stress that came from being in YSA with so much going on plus
that responsibility. Now I get to really focus on what I need to do!
So great!
It gets so dark so early now, and while we were tracting two nights
ago, I just go, "hey don't worry sister stapel, we will just knock the
houses with lights on.... ITS JUST LIKE TRICK OR TREATING!!!  Only
kinda backwards!! Haha"
Another funny but sad thing was the sisters in the stake all came here
to watch the women's session, and we are some great food before,
including some really good Costco pizza and cakes. So naturally I am
over at the sweets table, and of course I have too much in my hands,
including a drink of pop... So I'm grabbing a brownie (again, no
surprise), and then.. Yep. Spill my pop all over someone's yummy
looking sponge cake..... NOOOOOOO no.noooo. Haha ah man, why do those
things always happen? It's like a really annoying dream or a really
funny comedy. Entertaining to watch, but when it's you, you just want
to... Not be there. Haha yes. Life is good. I love it here! We are
just having lots of fun and working hard.
One miracle happened though on Wednesday night. We were trying to
catch a bus to the church and got on one that we thought went there,
but it took a turn we did not think it would. We end up way on the
other end of town in the bus station (I don't know this area at all,
and I was talking to a man about the BOM, so oops) but we are like..
Ok change of plans, nice! Let's just get the bus that will get us home
as its getting late. But it's fine, we can definitely get back by
nine. No problem. Waiting, waiting... Waiting.. No number 19, even
when it says it should get there. We ask a lady by us, and she tells
us, oh yeah that one never comes! Whatttt?!!! How do we get home, the
next one isn't until 9:45!! Ok... But then this same sweet lady goes,
but if you take the 18, you can get to the tesco too! Really?!! Oh
please yes please! So we jump on with her, it's quarter to nine at
this point. We ride along, both of us talking to this lady saying
yeah, we have no idea where we are, can you help us get to the tesco?
And she is soooo so so good, she was an angel and told us where to get
off <3 bless her, and we get off at 8:59, right outside our flat. Wow.
What a tender mercy!!! I truly do know that God is directing us here.
He has placed elect people in our path his whole week, and I know He
loves them as much as He loves me.
It was hard to say bye to my sweet and beautiful sister Ho. We have
become best of friends, sisters, but I know that that friendship will
last forever. I know that these people I m meeting and serving
alongside are my friends and treasured sisters and brothers. I knew
them before, and love them here as well. Change is hard, but change is
SO good. I am happy and excited :)))))
I love you all so stinking much!!!
Happy Birthday MOM!!! You are finally 50, the age you have waited so
long to be!!!!! Yayayyyy!! I love you!!!
With that, tah rah!!