Monday, October 17, 2016

President Nelson in the EMM

Hiya yallright??
This week has literally flown by, I blinked and here I am again... It is so bazare, time is just so crazy.

So yes, Elder Nelson came to our mission!!! He was accompanied by Bishop Causee, Elder Hallstrom, and Elder Johnsonof the 70. It was INCREDIBLE!! We all went in prepared and ready, with questions in our hearts and an open mind. I felt literally like every speaker had seen a sign above my head with my questions written out on them, because everything they said was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. It was just like they were speaking directly to me. But I know I wasn't the only one who felt that way. Each missionary got to shake them and their wives hands, and I was overwhelmed with a sense of familiarity. I have never met these men before, but the spirit helped me understand that I truly did know them. I knew them since before this life, and the spirit they have within them is the same spirit that is in me, the Holy Ghost. Their words were so inspiring. We can find true joy and happiness even amid afflictions, as we learn to repent and become truly converted to the Lord. As our focus is on the Savior, everything else falls into place. I know that this is true. Obedience comes naturally when we love the Savior with all of our hearts. Faith is increased as we study and apply His Atonement into our daily lives.

Otherwise, I got to have an interview with President Ulrich, which was SO exciting, and got some uhmazing guidance on how to progress on this journey. I also was able to speak with sweet Sister Ulrich, who is literally like you mom! She is the best ;) 

Exchanges back in YSA was so weird... haha too soon? no it was good though, and I know that I am in a great place now to help those missionaries to continue to work hard and learn. I know that God places us where He needs us, when He needs us there to fulfill His purposes. 

I am trying to think of a story... OHHHH! ok, so Halloween is coming up, Yay! It makes things exciting always. But the thing is it gets dark super early here in England. So we are out in a neighborhood over really close to the airport.. details. So we are actually walking back to catch our bus home, and we look over, and see this van. The light is shining just right that we could see the bench and in the middle there is this mask, or manikin head..... SO CREEEPYYY!!! so we ran. haha dahhhhh we died.

Harvey is still doing well! Pray for him though! He came to church yesterday and loved it, so that was amazing, and we plan to have a family home evening with members and teach him tonight again, so exciting!!! But yes, keep him in your prayers!

I love you all! Keep doing what your doing, way to be the amazing missionaries that you are!
Sister Carter

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