Monday, October 3, 2016

Week #34 words

Hi my people,
Wow, so i am literally sitting here saying to sweet Sister Haruyama... What do I even write to my family?? and she just laughed! haha true.
Thank you so much for the pictures and updates. I wish I could have been there, but as I was able to talk to President Ulrich for a bit about Grandpa's passing, he gave me some incredible and heartfelt words. I am now closer to Grandpa than I ever have been in my whole life. He is now an active part of my life and mission, and of all of our lives. He is happy. There is a reason for all of God's timing, and this is where I am meant to be, now. There is a reason that I am on my mission when he stepped from this life into the next part of the plan. One of which I testify every day, and understand more now than I ever have before in my life. A plan of happiness, eternal and unending happiness, where we can and will see every one of our loved ones again. The ones who surround us each and every day of our lives, who cheer for us, and cry with us. The ones who love us the most and are seriously invested in our lives. To them I owe my successes, my life, and my happiness. family is what it is all about.
Not very much happened this week, except WE MOVED INTO OUR OWN NEW FLAT!!! YESS. seriously, such a blessing, it's insane how much such a small thing can increase companionship unity, exponentially!! haha We have been laughing, talking, supporting, and loving each other SO much more than before. I know though, that once again, the Lord had a hand in the timing of this. He knows. He knows.
Acer is not quite ready to be baptised, we are still working with him. He is worthy, but just needs to really feel the spirit and answers to his prayers. Please pray for him! he is so close, but since he is homeless for the next two weeks (#uniproblems... i remember those days ;) he is traveling, and won't get back till the 14th... PRAY HARD!! daily contact has never been so real.
We have met some incredible people this week though, and it is so exciting that everyone is coming back! School starts soon, and oxford road is about to explode. I am bracing myself! haha
I am loving being an STL, and getting to be such an active part of the sisters lives. They are SO powerful, I am seriously so inspired by them. Each call in, and each exchange I have, I am so amazed at how truly noble and courageous these sisters are. It strengthens my testimony so much that God has saved us all to come forth at this time, and that we are the royal generation. But that also means that we have to work hard, He is counting on us! 
I have been reminded lately of the importance of faith. Faith is that driving force that keeps us going in the good and bad times. It is what gives us the drive to repent to change, to keep going. I LOVE Elder Eyring's talk from april 2012, mountains to climb. So good! Keep up the faith!
Also, its September... what is going on...???? Basically go to erwins and send me donuts and cider and APPLES!!! IT'S FALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! I love falllllll <333 haha but as Sister Lou just said, "its always fall in England" haha also true, but not Michigan fall. Sorry uk. Sorry. 
I LOVE YOU ALL SO STINKING MUCH!! good luck with school starting and work and everything!
Sister Carter

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