Monday, October 24, 2016

Hi it's the Sister Elders!

Hahaha a less active this week called us the sister elders and we
died. Dead dead. Too good!! Haha
This week has had its ups and downs, but we powered through, and came
out stronger (per the norm) so there ya go!
Thank you for your emails, dahhhhhhh way to go Ethan!!!! Those
pictures are intense!! Yayayayyyy oh and btw you have grown a ton,
snap! I won't recognise any of yous when I get back!! Haha

Last Monday, for pday, the assistants wanted so bad to go to old
Trafford (Manchester United football stadium- they call soccer
football here, culture, nice one.) so we did! It was crazy fun! That
place is massive. The tour was quite prices, so we decided to check
out the gift shop instead haha!! And then we went to hotel football,
next door, so posh! And had chocolate bombs, yum I'll send ya a pic,
no worries ;)

We had our zone conference with all of the southern zones, and Sister
Gregson and I gave a training on nightly planning, needless to say...
Stress city. But it turned out great! I recognised sister Steele's
touch in the preparations they did ( she is now sister g's companion,
what?!) haha but it turned out really good. The hard thing about those
trainings is that for STLs we don't really have time to prepare it
together, considering we are in totally different zones. So we
coordinated during lunch... At zone conference! Haha But the Lord
takes care of His missionaries. :))

We worked hard and saw Harvey and things were good, but he kinda half
dropped us, so pray pray prayyyy that he doesn't seal the deal! We
were both pretty distraught about it. It is so hard not to blame
yourself for others decisions, but we will keep working with him (we
hope)!! So that was tough.

But we have two miracles that were incredible. No three I want to
share. We have an investigator, we call him E-man. He is a ref and
super old, and amazing. He has started really progressing, and wants
to be baptised!!! He came to church yesterday for part of it, and is
keeping his commitments, also he has a better memory than anyone I
know! So great. And June, the lady we are re activating, came to
church yesterday even after a 100% rubbish week. We love her so much.
Last one was last night, our aPpointment fell through, and our backup
didn't feel right. I felt we needed to go down to an area to call by a
lady we met a few weeks back, and Sister Stapel felt the same. We
headed down there. On the bus there were two YSA age girls sitting
diagonal in front of me. So just FYI, missionaries do get nervous and
scared sometimes, surprise, I know, but I felt so bad, I totally
chickened out to talk to them. But when I say I felt bad, I felt
reallllly bad. I had felt on the bus that I needed to speak to them,
making me feel even worse. I prayed I might somehow run into them
again. We went over to the lady's home, and as we walked away from her
home, there were the two girls walking up the street!!! Mid
conversation with sister Stapel, I run to talk to them. They are the
sweetest girls, and we referred them to the YSA. I know that God
allowed these two girls to cross my path again, and that he has much
in store for them. Miracles do happen. Every day.

I have been thinking a lot about humility lately. I have been feeling,
as we often do, that I have to do all of these things. My own power
and my own strength. I have to meet the needs of every single person
around me. Me me me. That is so selfish I thought. As I read in 1
nephi 7 this week about the prayer he said after he was bound (in
consequence of trying to help his brothers no less) with cords, I saw
this same pattern. He asked God if He would give him strength to burst
the bands. In answer to that prayer, God LOOSENS the bands, allowing
Nephi to go free. We don't have to count on ourselves and count on
added strength. If we do all we can, we can stand back and allow Him
to step in. Heavenly Father has power to loosen our bands. We can
create a way for our escape from tribulation much better than we can.
He has all wisdom, all power, and He loves us. Trust Him more, Count
on Him more. He wants to bless us. Let Him loosen your bands.

I know that God lives. I know that He loves us. He sent His Son, Jesus
Christ, to Atone for us. This is what allows the Plan of Salvation to
work. This is His church. This is His work.

I love you all,
Sister Carter

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