Monday, October 10, 2016

How far is that plane sister?? ...Which way? It's Equidistant in both directions!

I am over the HILL y'all!!! I seriously can't believe it!!! What do
you think we did to celebrate my half way day Friday?? Chippy!!! Fish
and chips and mushy peas is where it is at!! Yous need to try it,
But whaaaaat a week!!! We started off so well, our district is super
close, and we all went to Piccadilly together for pday, and I was
like... Hmmm seems I never left! Haha no jokes, but it was good times,
cuz Elder nepamacema from Brazil got us some super good Brazilian
food, cochinha, yuuum! And guarana, also yum. But yes, diversity of
manchester is astounding!
After a brill district meeting, we went out and had a lesson win Ian,
on his doorstep, and we dated him for baptism!!! He is so prepared,
and we were both on top of the world!! Basically Tuesday and Wednesday
we were smashing it, teaching and finding and finding and teaching. So
good, and MLC Thursday was once again one of the most spiritual
meetings I've been in to date. But that's when Satan will get you.
We were both so excited and happy, and two realllllly tough days were
thrown at us. Literally every lesson fell through.... And the people
were not very polite towards us either. I know that it's the times we
feel super close to our Heavenly Father is the time when Satan
increases his pressure on us too. And wow, what a trial of our faith!
Yikes. But we powered through, and kept diligent, and wow am I so glad
we did.
Sunday though. Yes. I LOVE yesterday!! I came to church just ready to
go! Ready to meet every person, and excited! Also, I didn't realise
how much I'd missed taking the sacrament. But yeah, this ward is so
good! It was hard trying to survive two weeks before meeting the ward,
I didn't know who could fellowship or who we could go see, so
blessings, church, yay! So basically yeah, I talked to as many people
that I could and set up some great appointments, which is so exciting,
best thing is stress is much lower,yes. After church, we had a tea
appointment, and got to the area early to do some finding, we knocked
on a door, and Harvey opened up. HE IS UHMAZING. So good!! And we
shared a Book of Mormon with him, along with a great intro to the
church slash gospel. And invited him to the missionary fireside which
was in 2 hours, and he said yes!!! So after an amazing feast ( bless
the dicksons) we went with Harvey to the fireside!! And it was super
fab, but the best part was after, we introduced him to President, who
dated him for baptism on the spot!!!!!!!! Literally died.
I have seen literal miracles this week, including knocking on the door
of June, an inactive member who the Lord has been preparing so much to
come back. She has been reading the BoM a lot lately and when we came
to her home, she knew it was time. She came to the fireside last night
as well, and had words spoken directly to her. So incredible.
Ether 12:6 has been a theme throughout my whole mission, but I know
that Heavenly Father has to keep reminding me.. My memory. Rubbish.
But this week, it was so apparent and so real. I am incredibly
thankful for this short time at I have to serve the Lord, and for the
miracles and tender mercies He continuously gives to me.
So sorry these emails are always so longggg!!!! Just I have so many
thoughts!!! Also, yay Michigan falllll, hearttttt!!! It is so good to
hear everything is going good back home, and I can't wait to see the
bathroom when I get back!! Woo hoo!
Any ways, take it easy, and have some cider and donuts for me
Love you all!!
Sister Carter

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