Monday, February 29, 2016

Email #9: Leap Day

Week #5....Brynn's leap day email!
Hi eveyone!

Hope you are all doing well! I don't have a ton of time today, so sorry if this is short! But this week was FULL of miracles! I can't even believe the things that happen sometimes! But the man we met last week, Liam, accepted the invitation to be baptized and will be on the 19th! He wants so badly to be closer to God and to change, so humble, its amazing. He still smokes, but we'll keep working with him! He can do it! He came to church and was singing all the hymns, got a ride home with a member, loved it, it was the BEST!!! But the best thing is the spirit that is in the lessons when we teach him. So great! But we got to go into Manchester on Wednesday because I completed my first five weeks!! So we had a meeting with my group that I started out with. It was so fun to see them all again, but it was also so good to get so much good advice. I needed that direction from president Ulrich, and I've already seen the blessings as I've applied it! I had my first Kebab on Saturday night, its like this meet that they have out all the time cooking, kinda a mystery meet looking thing. Mine was lamb apparently, and was way good! You'll have to look up a picture! It wasn't just shish kabob, different, and way good! 
Things are going well out here, and I hope you all are still good! Sorry this one was so short... But I love you all!!!
Sister Carter

p.s.  Well, I love you all, one thing I have been thinking about lately is talents. God has blessed us each with these amazing talents, little parts of what make us like Him. We have to find and develop, and practice these talents!! Idk, Its just been on my mind! Love you all!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Email #8: First Exchange

Sister Carter's first exchange!

Hi mah fam!!!
Man, Yall are hilarious!! HAAA!! and I also love that dad laughed at my story, NAILED IT!!! haha (maddie, nice one!) haha but yeah!
This week was bomb! I went on my first exchange!!! It was SOOO good! Sister Carroll, my amazing and sweet as heck Sister Training leader was who I got to work with. She's from Brisbane Australia, and I kid you not, nicest person I've ever met! She's suuuch a powerful teacher, and it really was such a miracle that I got to work with her. This is her last transfer (like she goes home this next week), and apparently most missionaries don't go no exchange their first transfer, but President Ulrich decided I could handle it, and I'm soooo grateful! I was literally asking her so many questions, just wanting to soak up all of her knowledge haha :) But yes, that was amazing!
Ok, so story time!! (oh, also, mom, I wish I could remember all of the day to day things! like, so many of those things happen, and I'm like oh that was so great, but then I come here and forget them all... So i'll try to make more mental notes). But yes! SO it was super windy on Friday when we were having our street display here in Wrexham, and we were setting up our poster display thing, and were struggling hard core HA!! But a man walked up, and we thought he was coming to just help or whatever, but no! He starts talking to us. He says to us that he has a Book of Mormon that he reads and that he knows it is pure doctrine from God! Turns out he was taught by missionaries up in Bangor at University, and lost contact with the church when he moved down here. He didn't even know we had a church here! We invited him to church and planned to teach him after, but he got stuck down in Cardiff, so we'll see him later this week!! But I was literally like, Wow, come on! Could you be more golden?! haha It was such an amazing miracle!! Also at the same street display, I was talking to another man that lives up by Chester, and turns out he was at church up there yesterday! MIRACLES!!! oh man, it just makes me so happy and excited!
The funniest things always happen on buses, which is how we mainly travel- so we were headed home and a bunch of kids get on the bus and one has a stink bomb... which he sets off... yeahhhh HAA! they were all freaking out and everything, also they were all worried we were gunna report them. When they came up to me asking if I was going to, I was just talking to them, saying no, but why did they do it? kinda just talking, and then they all got really excited- "you're from AMERICA?!!" "Do you know any famous people?!" haha it was so fun to just mess with them, but yeah.. buses are great, and can smell like... things shouldn't smell like that basically. hah!
And I love our ward!! We had dinner with this family on Monday, and their daughter, Jolie, reminds me so much of maddie it scares me... haha
We went to a place called Llangollen last Monday, and it was SOOOO Beautiful! there are castle ruins up on the top of this mountain, and it was the perfect, clearest day :))) We played capture the flag and had a ton of fun with the district!
Well, things are going really well here! I feel strength from your prayers every day!
Love you all sooo so much,
Sister Carter

Monday, February 15, 2016

Email #7: Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day

Hello my Lovely Family!!
It's so good to hear from you all! Also, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! btw mom,  I didn't get your valentine, cuz packages only get distributed once a month, but that's ok ;) thanks for that!! haha I'll get to enjoy it later in the month! SCORE!! But yeah! Thanks for all of your amazing encouragement and love. Your prayers are DEFINITELY felt!! Thank you!
This past week is literally a bluuurrr in my mind! haha I had my first zone meeting in a place called rhyll (every time I say it, I think, "furrhyll!?" haha) and that was soooo great! learning to be a consecrated missionary, and thinking of also how we can live a consecrated life- turning out will over to the Lord, and putting our trust in Him. It is such an amazing thing.
So Mom, here's my story, nothing huge or anything, don't get too excited! But so yesterday at church, Sister Harp and I walked in, and the bishop's wife (also the ward music lady) said to us, come let me hear you two sing. So we sang to her, and when we finished she says," GOOD! ok, you will be doing the musical number today! I'll go tell the bishop!" HAAAHA!! WHUUUT!? to make it even better, President and Sister Ulrich came to our ward yesterday! But we sang, and it went well, even with my congestion! Miracles that you don't even realize you need ;) But yeah! I love the bishop's wife! She is like that ward mom that the boys say are so necessary. She's got that dry humor, and I love it!
But otherwise, things have been a bit weird. Sadly Steffan dropped us, but he is such a great person, he'll be baptized one day. And Luca is impossible- literally- to get a hold of. BUT!!! We are not discouraged! I've learned so much about the atonement this week! It's such a beautiful thing that each day I can keep trying. I can change the things that I'm doing. Keep trusting in the Lord's promised blessings. Patience is something that I need to learn and have been learning this week. IT IS SO GOOD!!! haha Sister Harp says that all the time ;) Cracks me up! Love her! But yes! We have been working a lot with the members this week, and I honestly feel way more connected with them. We have such an amazing ward! President was so bold and gave such a powerful talk yesterday with many invitations- to share the Book of Mormon and to have us in their homes- I can't wait to follow up with them all on it! Exciting things to look forward to!
I love you all so much! Keep on being the amazing and hilarious people that you are!!
Stay sweet mah fam,
Sister Carter

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Email #6: Will Brynn Lose Her Sense of Humor?!

Hi everyone!
So yes, my Pday is Mondays! and I am 5 or 8 hours ahead of you... I can't remember which.. haha but no worries! But this week has been great! We've seen lots and LOTS of miracles, along with lots of trying times. But you gotta have them both! We had 3 street displays this week, which was crayzyy and fun too. I definitely can see that as we do these, my confidence in talking to people is strengthening. Especially since I have to do it by myself!!! But I found some new investigators for the missionaries in Chester, so booya grandma!! (sorry mom) haha -that reminds me, side tangent! Sis Harp and I were talking, and I realllly hope this doesn't happen, but she says she feels like she lost her sense of humor (even though I think she's hilarious) on her mission... I was like.. NOOO Please NOOO!! haha (Elise might appreciate that) so basically I will try to keep mine, but no promises. tell me if I get too boring I guess.. kindly.- but yes! I feel more comfortable finding now!
So please pray for Steffan, it feels like he is slipping, especially since he talked to his parents about being baptized, before he really understood the importance of the priesthood, and they were against the idea of being baptized again.. so we're still working with him, but it'll be a process.
A miracle happened this week!! We say Luca, a boy we met the second day in Wrexham, and he was excited to see us. We taught him the first lesson later on that day, and the spirit was sooo strong. It was amazing. He was asking lots of really good questions, and recognized the spirit himself- like he was the one who said that he felt good as we spoke.. I KNOW!! we invited him to baptism, and he accepted immediately! He actually said that he'd been hoping we'd ask him that (WHUT!?) and that he really wanted to! Basically golden. actually no. He is golden! MAN!! blessings! So yes. that was so good.
We are teaching these two French university students English, and it just reminds me so much of you Dad! It is so fun!
I haven't had time to read all of your emails, but I hope you are all doing well!! Stay classy! Love you all :))
Sister Carter

Monday, February 1, 2016

A few more cute pics from the MTC...

Email #5: "A Complete Whirlwind"

Week 4!

This whole mission so far has been a complete whirlwind!
Anyways, this week has been great! Sister Harp and I have been working really hard, lots and lots of finding. They do lots of street displays here, and we've done two so far. Its where you put up a table and poster, and get your district together to proselyte in a busy public area, such as town center. It was pretty intimidating at first, but luckly we've done tonnns of street contacting already, that I think we are ready to go prooo! haha no but seriously, it has helped a lot to not be afraid to talk to people. And our district is so fun! I love them all! We always have a good time, and work hard together. It's great :) blessings! We have found a lot of new potential investigators, and have several appointments set up for this next week, but at this point, Steffan is still our only investigator. But that's ok, because he rocks! We invited him to be baptized and he said yes! YAY! So yeah, it's just so amazing to have this experience for the first time- teaching and seeing how the spirit is the real teacher. Seeing him learn and grow, and keep his commitments. Also it's so great to see the change in myself through this process. How my testimony is strengthened as I share it. Seeing him growing and learning helps me learn and grow as well- pretty good stuff huh?
It's been a great week, lots of fun things going on, and our ward is great! But we have a lot to do still, lots of goals have been set and I CANNOT wait to get working on them!
Love love love you all!
Sister Carter