Monday, March 27, 2017

Oik postagh ellan vannin

Alrighhht!! How's it fam?
This week has literally been a whirlwind! I just asked sister Cannon
what happened this week, and we both can't even remember! Ahhhh
Basically, we worked hard, and I have been able to see more of this
beautiful island! Ah, it is so crazy to be here! But yes, we were
finally able to set a return appointment with our friend Caleb, who
has been coming to church for about 4 weeks now... I know!! He is from
Nigeria, and one of the ward members (Who is also from Nigeria) was
able to explain to him why he should meet with us, and he accepted our
invitation! What an answer to prayers! Yay! The work here is slow, but
consistent. They have had more success here in the past 3 transfers
than they have in years it seems! It's an exciting time to be on the
Isle! And Trevor will be baptised on the 8th!! Keep him in your
prayers. I got a chance to chat with his girlfriend Melissa, who is
from Michigan...!!! For a bit and asked her about how he is doing. She
told us that he is the one who reminds her about reading the
scriptures and praying! Haha yes!! That's what every missionary wants
to hear ;) haha
We have been non stop laughing the past week. As we wold street
contact, one of the funniest things was our conversation about mission
memes. Sister Cannon has the funniest facial expression, so we will
say something about mission life, like "that moment when you look at
the phone and see you have 10 missed calls from president Ulrich" and
she will pull a face of terror that we just bust up laughing over. We
just make them up over and over, it's our favourite thing! Haha oh
mission life, gotta love it ;)
One other funny thing happened (that I can remember that is) this
week. I am sure more funny things happened, I just fail at
remembering, so one day I will just open my journal and tell you all
the other stories I forgot. Anyways! So we stopped this man on the
street, and he goes, "your from America!" And we go" how did you
know?!" "Because of the whiteness of your teeth, and your healthy
glow!" HA! We say we are and strike up a conversation about why we
come as missionaries from so far, and then I hear his accent. It isn't
Manx, and it isn't English either. The wheels in my head are turning,
and I go... he sounds South African... a bit. And yous know my love
for South Africans *shout out to sister Steele. So I go, "where are
you from then? Your accent is different!" And he goes, " I am from a
place called South Africa." Me:" AHHH!! I knew it!!!" Haha I think I
may have scared him a bit from my excitement. Too bad he isn't
interested... but it still was fun to make the connection!
This week has been really interesting. I have really felt this renewal
of energy, I have felt this closeness to my Heavenly Father. I have
been able to really feel my divine nature and destiny. It is quite
interesting how sometimes on mission it can be hard to remember who
you really are, and I have had times when I have forgotten. But I
really have had this reminder of that I am a daughter of God, that I
am divine. Kinda like, I have felt the weight of my crown ;)) really
though, I truly know God loves me, He loves each one of us. What an
incredible calling and responsibility we each have to share with
others the knowledge and joy that this truth brings. I know that as we
put our trust in God and His Son, Jesus Christ, all things will work
together for our good. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I love you all so very very much!
Cheerio my lovelies!
Xx Sister Carter

Monday, March 20, 2017

Hello from the Isle of Man

Aka Ellan vannin in Manx
Hello my wonderful family!!
Aw it is so crazy to be here emailing you, it all just feels so
surreal! Such a crazy adventure, this past week has felt like a
whirlwind! Thank you dad for the info about the Isle, we just got back
from the Manx museum and literally just learned all those things,
pretty crazy huh? I had no idea that the Isle of Man is its own
country type thing, like wales, but there ya go! Also, the TT, yes, it
is so huge here, and I should still be here for it :)
I am so excited to be serving with sister Cannon, she is SUCH a
powerful and fabulous missionary, plus we are already friends, so
that's a plus. She is from Brunswick Georgia, and goes to buy Idaho,
holla!! And my mate sister Cummins trained her <3 haha this is her
third transfer out here, and she has seen lots of miracles while in
Douglas, and we are keeping the ball rolling, with one dated
investigator, and a few others in the works!! Woohoo! It's also pretty
crazy because we met each other on social media before the mission,
and I always wanted to serve with her, but never thought I would,
seems the Lord had different plans ;) yay!!
But yes, there is so much work to do here, and so randomly, people are
coming out of the woodwork! Trevor, our dated investigator, has a
fiancé from MICHIGAN!!! Coincidence? I think not! We had 4
investigators At church yesterday, that has never happened my whole
mission, I'm telling you, miracles!!! Aww it is so great to be here!
If you can't tell, I am super excited!!
One other random thing, there is a sister, Joann Radcliffe, who used
to live in south Lyon!! Her sister is sister eckersley!! ( I think...
there is a Connection to that family;) So crazy, I love all the fun
connections you make on missions!
I have gained a greater understanding of what it means to truly trust
the Lord. He has the bigger picture in mind always. It can be hard to
remember this when the answers don't seem to be coming, but as we
strive to be happy no matter the circumstance, and trust that He knows
our hearts, we will find those answers. They may take long to come, I
still await answers to many of mine, but I have seen many answers as
well. I have been able to feel true joy in moments of trial and
moments of peace. He loves each one of you, and through Christ's
atonement, our efforts can be magnified. Never doubt the power it has
in every aspect of life. I know these things are true and the way to
real happiness that lasts. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I will continue to update you more, my kind is still I a bit of a
whirlwind, the first weeks of transfers are always kinda crazy, but I
love you all LOADS!!
Have a brill week fam!
XxSister Carter

Monday, March 13, 2017

Off to the Docks

Alrighty folks,
Here is the news!! We got our transfer calls yesterday, and my fate has been decided. Sister Flake will be staying here in Chorley, and I will be catching a ferry tomorrow morning to go serve in the ISLE OF MAN!!! haha! I can't believe it! I don't even really know much about this area, but if you think Britain is a small island, think again! ;) Aw no, I am really excited, and I will be serving with Sister Cannon, yay! I will miss Chorley though, and sweet Sister Flake. We have worked hard here, and not seeing the temple on the daily will be so... sad! So there ya go! WOOHOOO Transfers!!
This week has been full of miracles, challenges as well, per the norm, but lots of tender mercies. One that was huge for us happened on Wednesday night. We had an appointment to meet with Kirsty, and her boyfriend, Liam. A ward member has really been helping them along and really pushing them to meet with us, since their foster parents legally can't. So we had a good lesson in which we taught about the Godhead- they are both so new to all of this. The lesson felt a bit stiff, and we could tell that there was a bit of tension in the air. But the spirit came in so strongly and changed all of that. We had just shown Liam the video "Because of Him", and he felt the spirit obviously because put his arm around Kirsty, and amid emotion expressed how he just wanted to be with his family and God. In this moment, Sister Flake asked if he would do anything to come closer to Christ, and invited him to follow Christ by being baptised. He said YES! it was such a powerful moment and powerful lesson, i will always remember. We have since linked him with the missionaries in Oldham who have taught and dated him for baptism. He has a ways to go, but I now know without a doubt, that I was meant to meet Kirsty here. That I was sent to be here now, to help her family to be together forever. 
Another miracle happened after a bit of a tough day on Saturday. Cancelled appointments and such. We kept pushing though, and I was eagerly anticipating the miracle- Ether 12:6 mode :) We knocked on a woman's door, and she was so kind. She comes to different activities at the church, has so much respect for church members, and even though she is of a different faith, she expressed that she has always wanted to know more about what we believe! The sisters will be teaching her later this week, and she said that she may even bring some friends along! :)
I am incredibly grateful for this time I have had to serve here in Chorley. I have learned SOOO much here. I have grown so much closer to my Saviour. I can see how he has led and guided me in my time here, and I feel so grateful for the fruits of my labors that i can see and even that I can't. 
I am really excited to be heading to Douglas, and to have many new adventures!! Here goes!!
I love you all!!!
Sister Carter xx

Monday, March 6, 2017


Heya luvs,

Wow I am so excited for Ethan!! haha What an exciting mission call!!! I have been in so much suspense waiting for this email! haha since the date was moved up!! WOOHOOOO!! missions are the best Ethan, you'll do incredible, good luck with the super quick turn around, the Lord (and Mom and Dad) will help you :)

As for us here in Chorley this week, we are having great things happen!! We are still keeping busy, and have started teaching a South African family this week ( reason 1 million and 3 why I want to go visit s.a. after the mish!) and they are incredible and so prepared! They moved here 2 years ago and haven't found a church here to attend yet. They have strong desire to "find God again" and have some sore trials going on that have helped them to really turn to Him. I am so grateful for miracles like this family. We tracted into them when I first got here, mid november ish? and then kind of called by when in the area. On Wednesday as we were walking towards the flat, I had this distinct impression that we needed to call by them. I was also praying about what we could say to get a return appointment. When we had met them tracting, we had just met the father, and when we called by Wednesday, the wife answered the door. We asked if he was in, but then the spirit told me to really explain to her who we were. She was excited to hear what we do as missionaries, and eagerly told us to come back on Friday to teach the whole fam! We did, and the lesson was so powerful, they have been reading in the Book of Mormon, and we are so excited to help them keep progressing!! Woohoo! 

The other bigger miracle from this week was when one of the members got really excited about missionary work, and when he saw kirsty at a party of a ward member, invited her and her boyfriend to come to church and to keep meeting with the missionaries. We haven't been able to get into contact with Kirsty, and have been kind of unsure of what to do for her, and so this was  a HUGE answer to prayer. They both came to church, and her boyfriend, who lives down near manchester, wants to meet with missionaries down there!! YAY!! 

I have been thinking a lot lately about change and repentance and what a joy it is. I had a particular experience this week as I prayed to know how I could improve and change. I was reminded of King Lamoni's father in the Book of Mormon. He wanted to know if God was there, and declared he would give away ALL OF HIS SINS to know Him. I had a very real reminder from the spirit that I need to leave behind all of my sins, to give away all past guilt, regret, failures, sins, and even weakness. That even though I didn't want to, somehow I was still holding on to all of that, but really I didn't have to at all! I felt that I was willing to give over my will to God, but that amount of will was significantly decreased because of all of those things I let linger in my mind and bug me. It is the moment when we clear those things away, push them off the table, realise that the Atonement can literally cleanse us, and take those things away, that we can really give our whole will over to the Lord. I felt that incredible power and cleansing this week, and I know what a difference it can make. I have felt a greater ability to do this work, and to focus on what really matters most. I love my Saviour, and I am eternally grateful that we can repent daily and improve because of Him.

One kinda funny story to tell you: So this morning, we got our shopping done, and were waiting for the bus... 20 min later, after complaining about how our precious pday time was ticking away, we decided to walk the 15 min walk home.... dang it! haha so that kinda sets the stage for what comes next. We put down our groceries and set out to catch the next bus into town to come email. We are walking around the corner to the bus stop, and... it drives right past us!! IT WAS 5 MIN EARLY!! WHAT!!??? dahhhhhh! i was just not so happy about that. we sat there, waiting for our bus that was meant to get there in about 15 more min. When all of a sudden i look up, and see our bus driving towards the stop!! We jump up and hail it, and happily board, realising, opps, that other bus that just passed was super late, and ours was right on time ;) hahaha oh the joys of public transport, welcome to the life of missionaries in the UK hahaha It also was another evidence of God's love for us, tender mercies are just so sweet :) and sometimes quite humorous.

Oh! one more for you! We decided to spend some time calling by less actives, and as we knocked on the door of one near us, we got the most interesting welcome. The husband answered the door, and goes, "Oh, hey everyone, the wicked witches from the west are here!!" haha turns out he is just cheeky as ever, and was happy to have us come in and chat with him and his wife :)

I am so grateful to be here in Chorley right now! Things really are looking up, and the sun is FINALLY starting to peek from behind the clouds. British springs are so beautiful! The daffodils are everywhere, yay!! 

I love you all and I am so excited to hear about all of your amazing news and fun adventures! Keep smiling, keep up the good work!
Sister Carter xx