Monday, October 3, 2016

Week # 37 It's just like trick or treating!!!

Hey hi hello my amazing and beautiful family!!!! I love you all so

very very much!! I thought about how we were all doing the same thing

this weekend, how fun, we were all sitting there watching general

conference! Even though ours is at 5:00, it's still crazy that in
another part of the world, my fam is doing the same thing! Heart! Haha
but what a powerful set of meetings those were, wow!! I think
conference meant a lot to me while at home, but it is WAY more
valuable to me now! It is seriously like Christmas, like feasting,
literally. And I love it! My favourite talk was probably Elder
Bassett's talk, about how we need to quit comparing ourselves to
others and recognise where our true value lies. How does God see me or
you? I love that as we repent and strive each day to become better, we
can truly receive all that the Father hath. Also, I loved the talk
that mentioned how we will be overwhelmed with the beauty and majesty
of the kingdom we will inherit one day, but even more so, we will be
overwhelmed with the grace and mercy and love God extends towards us.
I know He loves us. He wants us to by happy eternally.
But in other news, YES I AM IN MAN SOUTH!!! Literally the central hub
of the mission, and it's insane!!! I love it here though! I will
definitely miss YSA, but it's good to miss your past areas, it means
you did something right (hopefully) haha In the sense that I loved it
;) and I will miss sister Ho, and speaking mandarin all the time,
buuuut sister stapel is bomb, so we are totally fine!! Haha I actually
got to go on exchange with her a few weeks ago, and it was so fun, and
the same is true for this past week.
It is so good to be back in a family ward, yay for tea appointments!!!
Haha and yay for tracting!! Woohoo yay!! Seriously though, the field
is soooo White and ready to harvest here, it's i tense. I know that
the Lord prepared me and helped me learn a lot from the fast pace of
YSA to implement here in man south, it's super exciting! There are 5
companion ships in our district, aka 10 missionaries in one
ward!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaa. Haha not counting President Ulrich and Sister
Ulrich (who are also in our ward)!!!!! Haha needless to say our
coordination meetings take some time... But the ward mission leader is
on point! He remembered me from all the way back in July when o came
on exchange here! Crazy! It's cuz he lived in Westland, and we totally
made a connection, plus he says I have an easy name to remember
compared to all the other crazy ones here... Which is true haha so
it's exciting times!!
Sister Stapel is gorgeous, and just finished her first 6 weeks, so
back into training mode, woooooo!!!! Haha literally the best kind of
mode, I love it so much! The excite,met and enthusiasm is up and we
are smashing it! Plus we get to run in the morning, so thank
goodness.... Yeah... Haha I am still the STL, and I am relieved from a
lot of stress that came from being in YSA with so much going on plus
that responsibility. Now I get to really focus on what I need to do!
So great!
It gets so dark so early now, and while we were tracting two nights
ago, I just go, "hey don't worry sister stapel, we will just knock the
houses with lights on.... ITS JUST LIKE TRICK OR TREATING!!!  Only
kinda backwards!! Haha"
Another funny but sad thing was the sisters in the stake all came here
to watch the women's session, and we are some great food before,
including some really good Costco pizza and cakes. So naturally I am
over at the sweets table, and of course I have too much in my hands,
including a drink of pop... So I'm grabbing a brownie (again, no
surprise), and then.. Yep. Spill my pop all over someone's yummy
looking sponge cake..... NOOOOOOO no.noooo. Haha ah man, why do those
things always happen? It's like a really annoying dream or a really
funny comedy. Entertaining to watch, but when it's you, you just want
to... Not be there. Haha yes. Life is good. I love it here! We are
just having lots of fun and working hard.
One miracle happened though on Wednesday night. We were trying to
catch a bus to the church and got on one that we thought went there,
but it took a turn we did not think it would. We end up way on the
other end of town in the bus station (I don't know this area at all,
and I was talking to a man about the BOM, so oops) but we are like..
Ok change of plans, nice! Let's just get the bus that will get us home
as its getting late. But it's fine, we can definitely get back by
nine. No problem. Waiting, waiting... Waiting.. No number 19, even
when it says it should get there. We ask a lady by us, and she tells
us, oh yeah that one never comes! Whatttt?!!! How do we get home, the
next one isn't until 9:45!! Ok... But then this same sweet lady goes,
but if you take the 18, you can get to the tesco too! Really?!! Oh
please yes please! So we jump on with her, it's quarter to nine at
this point. We ride along, both of us talking to this lady saying
yeah, we have no idea where we are, can you help us get to the tesco?
And she is soooo so so good, she was an angel and told us where to get
off <3 bless her, and we get off at 8:59, right outside our flat. Wow.
What a tender mercy!!! I truly do know that God is directing us here.
He has placed elect people in our path his whole week, and I know He
loves them as much as He loves me.
It was hard to say bye to my sweet and beautiful sister Ho. We have
become best of friends, sisters, but I know that that friendship will
last forever. I know that these people I m meeting and serving
alongside are my friends and treasured sisters and brothers. I knew
them before, and love them here as well. Change is hard, but change is
SO good. I am happy and excited :)))))
I love you all so stinking much!!!
Happy Birthday MOM!!! You are finally 50, the age you have waited so
long to be!!!!! Yayayyyy!! I love you!!!
With that, tah rah!!

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