Monday, February 1, 2016

Email #5: "A Complete Whirlwind"

Week 4!

This whole mission so far has been a complete whirlwind!
Anyways, this week has been great! Sister Harp and I have been working really hard, lots and lots of finding. They do lots of street displays here, and we've done two so far. Its where you put up a table and poster, and get your district together to proselyte in a busy public area, such as town center. It was pretty intimidating at first, but luckly we've done tonnns of street contacting already, that I think we are ready to go prooo! haha no but seriously, it has helped a lot to not be afraid to talk to people. And our district is so fun! I love them all! We always have a good time, and work hard together. It's great :) blessings! We have found a lot of new potential investigators, and have several appointments set up for this next week, but at this point, Steffan is still our only investigator. But that's ok, because he rocks! We invited him to be baptized and he said yes! YAY! So yeah, it's just so amazing to have this experience for the first time- teaching and seeing how the spirit is the real teacher. Seeing him learn and grow, and keep his commitments. Also it's so great to see the change in myself through this process. How my testimony is strengthened as I share it. Seeing him growing and learning helps me learn and grow as well- pretty good stuff huh?
It's been a great week, lots of fun things going on, and our ward is great! But we have a lot to do still, lots of goals have been set and I CANNOT wait to get working on them!
Love love love you all!
Sister Carter

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