Monday, February 15, 2016

Email #7: Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day

Hello my Lovely Family!!
It's so good to hear from you all! Also, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! btw mom,  I didn't get your valentine, cuz packages only get distributed once a month, but that's ok ;) thanks for that!! haha I'll get to enjoy it later in the month! SCORE!! But yeah! Thanks for all of your amazing encouragement and love. Your prayers are DEFINITELY felt!! Thank you!
This past week is literally a bluuurrr in my mind! haha I had my first zone meeting in a place called rhyll (every time I say it, I think, "furrhyll!?" haha) and that was soooo great! learning to be a consecrated missionary, and thinking of also how we can live a consecrated life- turning out will over to the Lord, and putting our trust in Him. It is such an amazing thing.
So Mom, here's my story, nothing huge or anything, don't get too excited! But so yesterday at church, Sister Harp and I walked in, and the bishop's wife (also the ward music lady) said to us, come let me hear you two sing. So we sang to her, and when we finished she says," GOOD! ok, you will be doing the musical number today! I'll go tell the bishop!" HAAAHA!! WHUUUT!? to make it even better, President and Sister Ulrich came to our ward yesterday! But we sang, and it went well, even with my congestion! Miracles that you don't even realize you need ;) But yeah! I love the bishop's wife! She is like that ward mom that the boys say are so necessary. She's got that dry humor, and I love it!
But otherwise, things have been a bit weird. Sadly Steffan dropped us, but he is such a great person, he'll be baptized one day. And Luca is impossible- literally- to get a hold of. BUT!!! We are not discouraged! I've learned so much about the atonement this week! It's such a beautiful thing that each day I can keep trying. I can change the things that I'm doing. Keep trusting in the Lord's promised blessings. Patience is something that I need to learn and have been learning this week. IT IS SO GOOD!!! haha Sister Harp says that all the time ;) Cracks me up! Love her! But yes! We have been working a lot with the members this week, and I honestly feel way more connected with them. We have such an amazing ward! President was so bold and gave such a powerful talk yesterday with many invitations- to share the Book of Mormon and to have us in their homes- I can't wait to follow up with them all on it! Exciting things to look forward to!
I love you all so much! Keep on being the amazing and hilarious people that you are!!
Stay sweet mah fam,
Sister Carter

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