Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Email #6: Will Brynn Lose Her Sense of Humor?!

Hi everyone!
So yes, my Pday is Mondays! and I am 5 or 8 hours ahead of you... I can't remember which.. haha but no worries! But this week has been great! We've seen lots and LOTS of miracles, along with lots of trying times. But you gotta have them both! We had 3 street displays this week, which was crayzyy and fun too. I definitely can see that as we do these, my confidence in talking to people is strengthening. Especially since I have to do it by myself!!! But I found some new investigators for the missionaries in Chester, so booya grandma!! (sorry mom) haha -that reminds me, side tangent! Sis Harp and I were talking, and I realllly hope this doesn't happen, but she says she feels like she lost her sense of humor (even though I think she's hilarious) on her mission... I was like.. NOOO Please NOOO!! haha (Elise might appreciate that) so basically I will try to keep mine, but no promises. tell me if I get too boring I guess.. kindly.- but yes! I feel more comfortable finding now!
So please pray for Steffan, it feels like he is slipping, especially since he talked to his parents about being baptized, before he really understood the importance of the priesthood, and they were against the idea of being baptized again.. so we're still working with him, but it'll be a process.
A miracle happened this week!! We say Luca, a boy we met the second day in Wrexham, and he was excited to see us. We taught him the first lesson later on that day, and the spirit was sooo strong. It was amazing. He was asking lots of really good questions, and recognized the spirit himself- like he was the one who said that he felt good as we spoke.. I KNOW!! we invited him to baptism, and he accepted immediately! He actually said that he'd been hoping we'd ask him that (WHUT!?) and that he really wanted to! Basically golden. actually no. He is golden! MAN!! blessings! So yes. that was so good.
We are teaching these two French university students English, and it just reminds me so much of you Dad! It is so fun!
I haven't had time to read all of your emails, but I hope you are all doing well!! Stay classy! Love you all :))
Sister Carter

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