Monday, February 22, 2016

Email #8: First Exchange

Sister Carter's first exchange!

Hi mah fam!!!
Man, Yall are hilarious!! HAAA!! and I also love that dad laughed at my story, NAILED IT!!! haha (maddie, nice one!) haha but yeah!
This week was bomb! I went on my first exchange!!! It was SOOO good! Sister Carroll, my amazing and sweet as heck Sister Training leader was who I got to work with. She's from Brisbane Australia, and I kid you not, nicest person I've ever met! She's suuuch a powerful teacher, and it really was such a miracle that I got to work with her. This is her last transfer (like she goes home this next week), and apparently most missionaries don't go no exchange their first transfer, but President Ulrich decided I could handle it, and I'm soooo grateful! I was literally asking her so many questions, just wanting to soak up all of her knowledge haha :) But yes, that was amazing!
Ok, so story time!! (oh, also, mom, I wish I could remember all of the day to day things! like, so many of those things happen, and I'm like oh that was so great, but then I come here and forget them all... So i'll try to make more mental notes). But yes! SO it was super windy on Friday when we were having our street display here in Wrexham, and we were setting up our poster display thing, and were struggling hard core HA!! But a man walked up, and we thought he was coming to just help or whatever, but no! He starts talking to us. He says to us that he has a Book of Mormon that he reads and that he knows it is pure doctrine from God! Turns out he was taught by missionaries up in Bangor at University, and lost contact with the church when he moved down here. He didn't even know we had a church here! We invited him to church and planned to teach him after, but he got stuck down in Cardiff, so we'll see him later this week!! But I was literally like, Wow, come on! Could you be more golden?! haha It was such an amazing miracle!! Also at the same street display, I was talking to another man that lives up by Chester, and turns out he was at church up there yesterday! MIRACLES!!! oh man, it just makes me so happy and excited!
The funniest things always happen on buses, which is how we mainly travel- so we were headed home and a bunch of kids get on the bus and one has a stink bomb... which he sets off... yeahhhh HAA! they were all freaking out and everything, also they were all worried we were gunna report them. When they came up to me asking if I was going to, I was just talking to them, saying no, but why did they do it? kinda just talking, and then they all got really excited- "you're from AMERICA?!!" "Do you know any famous people?!" haha it was so fun to just mess with them, but yeah.. buses are great, and can smell like... things shouldn't smell like that basically. hah!
And I love our ward!! We had dinner with this family on Monday, and their daughter, Jolie, reminds me so much of maddie it scares me... haha
We went to a place called Llangollen last Monday, and it was SOOOO Beautiful! there are castle ruins up on the top of this mountain, and it was the perfect, clearest day :))) We played capture the flag and had a ton of fun with the district!
Well, things are going really well here! I feel strength from your prayers every day!
Love you all sooo so much,
Sister Carter

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