Monday, April 10, 2017

Yay Trevor! Yay birthday! Yay Easter!

Hello there wonderful people!!
I seriously feel so blessed to have such an amazing family and
wonderful friends!! Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! ..I can't
even believe it's already here again, whaaat?? Haha nah, it'll be fun
fun, all good!! :)

Trevor got baptised!! Woohoo!! Yay Trevor! Haha I want to tell you all
his story, so you can feel inspired and feel even more motivated to
keep up the good work in sharing the gospel with your friends! Ok, so
Trevor was introduced to the gospel by online friends. He was playing
a video game, and these other players became friends. They invited him
to attend church here in the Isle of Man! So he said, ok, and he did,
and really enjoyed it. He kept coming for a long while but was still
not terribly interested in meeting with the missionaries. About 3 or 4
months later, he went to Michigan to visit his new online friends, and
when he got back, he decided to meet with the missionaries. After
being taught for a while, his girlfriend, Melissa, came to the Isle of
Man... she is from Michigan, and is the one who introduced him to the
gospel. He continued learning, and also got engaged. On the 8th and
9th of April he was baptised and confirmed a member of the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! Miracles!!
The baptism itself went so smoothly, one of the calmest baptisms I
have experienced. What a huge answer to prayer, and he had a great
support from the ward, yay! Now that we have exhausted our teaching
pool, time to build it back up, yes!!

We got to burn a skirt for sister cannon's year mark, thanks bishop!
And we are eagerly anticipating the upcoming transfer, comes SO
FAST!!! Looking forward to Easter, and my 21st celebration of being
born! Haha if you haven't already seen the video the church put out,
prince of peace, wow you need to! It is phenomenal!

We are working hard, and found several promising new investigators,
which is such a blessing! It is so funny how the people on the island
really know the missionaries. We stop them all anyways ;) and the bus
contacting situation, no worries, haha we are finding ways around it.
I think that woman was an exception, because the other people I spoke
to on the bus this week weren't bothered at all about it, but we are
still being careful!

Good luck this week Ethan!! I am so excited for you, you are about to
begin the most exciting and  craziest adventure of your life! It will
be the best!

I love you all!!!
Xx Sister Carter

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