Monday, April 17, 2017

And just like that, another transfer done.

Also Easter!!
Thanks for all of your emails to me! I love reading them all, and
hearing about all the fun goings on :)
So I'll cut to the chase: I will be staying here on the Isle of Man,
and getting a new companion. Her name is Sister Wamsley!! Sister
Cannon is moving to Wigan, and I will miss her a lot. What a fabulous
companion she has been. But here goes another Manx transfer
So a few highlights from the week:

Teaching Luke, our new investigator. We taught him specifically about
the Book of Mormon, and it was a really spiritual lesson. We had our
good friend, Cath, join us. She was sharing with him her testimony,
and mentioned the plan of salvation, or God's plan for us as His
children, and he got really enthused and wanted to learn about it, hey
hey! Haha it was great.

My birthday! Woohoo!! It was uhmazing!! It's pretty funny, but this
was my first birthday that I actually felt really different. 21 feels
like a real adult age... You'll have to take me seriously now! Hah!
But for it, we had weekly planning (party;) haha sister Cannon had
made me English pancakes for breakfast, so kind ;) we had an
appointment with our favourite less active, Sister Preston. She
surprised me with Manx tartan scripture covers and a hedgehog birthday
cake!!! Haha I love her so much, I'll send a picture she took of us XD
the Karen's also did a bit of a celebration surprise for me for tea,
with pulled pork and cake, ahhhh I love them all!! Birthdays are crazy
on mission haha in the midst of it all, we went and called by a lady
we had met on the street in port Erin, she is Chinese. We took her a
Chinese Book of Mormon, and had one of the Chinese missionaries in our
zone chat with her. We got a return appointment to go back and teach
her with missionaries help on Skype! Woohoo!! Blessings :)

Ok, I found a greater and deeper love of Easter on my mission. This
one was a bit more hectic than last years due to the closeness it was
to transfers, but it was still so wonderful. Sister Cannon and I
thought it would be really special to do a musical number during
sacrament meeting, so she played the piano and I sang a song called oh
lord, my redeemer. It was interesting how such a small thing brought
us so much closer to the members. They felt the spirit so strongly,
and thanked us for doing it. I know that the Spirit is key in this
work, and this is just another evidence of that. But I too was reading
in the account in Luke, and had my testimony strengthened if the
humility and love of our Saviour. He truly lived, died, and rose
again. He did this for each one of us. He fulfilled the law of justice
and through Him we may obtain mercy. He broke the Bands of death so
that one day we may live again. I love Easter so much!!

So anyways, yay Ethan!! I have been thinking about how he and I are
now missionaries at the same time, double the blessings hey? :) SO
FUN!! You will love this blessed time of your life.

I'm excited for this upcoming transfers, also freakin' out just a bit.
But it will be good :) here goes!!

Love you all!!
XxSister Carter

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