Monday, April 3, 2017


Hiya my family,
Wasn't conference amazing, aw I loved it so much. It was so incredible
to hear President Monson council us to read in the Book of Mormon
daily. This is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately,
and really feel is so key to really obtain and maintain strong
conversion. Combined with meaningful prayer, particularly asking if
the things we read are true make it a revelatory experience. I love
the Book of Mormon so much!! I loved all of the talks given though,
the spirit was very strong, and I have a renewed resolve to push
forward faithfully, repent, and become all God needs me to be.
We had a pancake breakfast on Saturday for the relief society that
Sister Karren, Cannon, and I organised. Can't go wrong with breakfast
food, amiright?! Haha yes. It was so good, and the relief society
commented that it really added to the unity. They haven't come
together to watch that session in ages, so we were super happy with
the turn out! Miracles!! Plus our friend, Iris came, we were super
excited about that. She is so cute, and about 79, but we tell her she
looks 26 ;) because it's true! Haha she is really coming along, and we
invited her to be baptised, she told us the only reason she hasn't
been already is because she can't walk down the steps... we can help
her with that yeah!
The week has had its highs and lows, and we are still trying to find
the best way to really work and find here. It is tough sometimes, when
most people have met missionaries, after all it is a small island ;)
BUT it is really incredible how those moments when we are feeling
stretched, if we just push a bit further with faith, there's the
miracle. For example: on Friday evening, after a fairly unsuccessful
few hours, we were calling by a less active. She didn't live there
anymore, but we felt we should knock some doors around this home. As
we did, we still received some resistance, until this super sweet lady
answered the door. She was so nice, but not really interested. Before
we left, we testified to her of the peace and hope that the gospel of
Jesus Christ has brought into our lives, and that it is because
Christ's church has been restored to the earth that we can live with
our families eternally. We then asked if she knew of anyone who needed
this she hope and perspective in their lives? She told us, "actually,
you know, my sister is really low right now. I feel she could really
use this. I want to bring her to your church!" Wowza!! That was not
what we were expecting, but at the same time, we were expecting
miracles, so maybe we were haha but yes, our week has been full of
moments like this.
Ok so funny story for you all. Ok, this I actually kinda sad, but ya
know, that sad but funny, yeah ok sorry. SO we were on the bus going
down to the south of the island, and I really felt that I needed to
speak to this woman in front of me. So I strike up a conversation, and
she lets me know she isn't interested, but took a card. As
she got off the bus, we saw her say something to the bus driver... I
was like just like... hmm.. ok so fast forward two days later. We are
getting off a different bus, and the bus supervisor stops us and asks
if we were on the bus a few days ago? We say yeah probably, we take
the bus a lot. He goes "oh well we had a complaint that you were
preaching on the bus, so no more of that." Whaaaaaa?!!!! Haha
oopsies!! Hahhh bummer!
Anyways, I am still so grateful to be here right now. I know that his
is where I need to be and that I am definitely meant to be serving
here with Sister Cannon. I have seen the Lord's hand every day, and
feel His love for me and these wonderful people. I have seen the
strength and power that comes from faithful obedience. I know that He
hears my prayers, and that He has a perfect time table. So keep
serving, keep submitting, keep yielding. My favourite quote from the
week: Pray. It causes miracles. Haha it's in our flat ;) and it is so
I love you all, and good luck Ethan with your final preparations!!!
Ahhh!!! So exciting!! Keep moving forward and upward!
Sister Carter

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