Monday, April 24, 2017

April Showers

Heya fam!
It's been a fab week! Sister Wamsley is amazing :) a little intro to
who her: she is from Saint George Utah, she has been on her mission
for 9months on Thursday, she is the oldest of 5 kids, and she is super
cute and a hard worker!! And I love her loads already:) she is keeping
me young hahaha tough job;)
We have been working hard with our amazing investigators. We have lots
of promise there. One miracle happened last week that we are super
excited about! So the day before transfers (last Monday after emailing
yous) we went and saw a less active family here in Douglas. They
weren't in, and we were like... hmm. And then the phone rings. It is
sister Wamsley calling from her area asking about details for the
ferry and things. Just as we hang up with her, this family drives up!
We chat for a second, and they invited us in. We end up really
connecting with them, and I felt inspired to ask about when they got
baptised. It was back in 2008, so I was like... hmmm surely their son
wasn't 8 back then. So I ask them if he was baptised? They tell us
that he wasn't and hasn't been yet! So we asked if we can teach him
and help him to prepare to be baptised, and they agreed!! Woohoo!!!
Pray for the zivave family!!
That was incredible, and we were able to teach our Chinese
investigator on Wednesday. We followed up with her reading, and in one
week she was already to 1 nephi 15!! Yeah! We were so excited haha to
say the least! She is so cute, and has a family. We both apace high
hopes for them.
This island is so fun. It is getting all prepped for the TT, and all
of the light posts have padding on them now haha loads of more bikes
come each day. We will both definitely be here for the racing. It is
soooo expensive to get on or off the Isle during it all, so yes. Haha
we are stuck ;) but what a good time to be here. The sun is finally
making us presence known. But we still are enjoying the spring
spitting.. I mean rain. Haha they call it the mananin mist.
We started our pday today with a nap... I died! Hahaha I have never
been so tired in my whole life, but I have never been more happy or
enthused. I know that this is exactly where I need to be, I can see
God's hand leading and guiding us. I feel His love for me and all
those around me. I know He loves you all as well. Life is so
I love you all loads, cheerio my lovelies!
Xx Sister Carter

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