Monday, March 20, 2017

Hello from the Isle of Man

Aka Ellan vannin in Manx
Hello my wonderful family!!
Aw it is so crazy to be here emailing you, it all just feels so
surreal! Such a crazy adventure, this past week has felt like a
whirlwind! Thank you dad for the info about the Isle, we just got back
from the Manx museum and literally just learned all those things,
pretty crazy huh? I had no idea that the Isle of Man is its own
country type thing, like wales, but there ya go! Also, the TT, yes, it
is so huge here, and I should still be here for it :)
I am so excited to be serving with sister Cannon, she is SUCH a
powerful and fabulous missionary, plus we are already friends, so
that's a plus. She is from Brunswick Georgia, and goes to buy Idaho,
holla!! And my mate sister Cummins trained her <3 haha this is her
third transfer out here, and she has seen lots of miracles while in
Douglas, and we are keeping the ball rolling, with one dated
investigator, and a few others in the works!! Woohoo! It's also pretty
crazy because we met each other on social media before the mission,
and I always wanted to serve with her, but never thought I would,
seems the Lord had different plans ;) yay!!
But yes, there is so much work to do here, and so randomly, people are
coming out of the woodwork! Trevor, our dated investigator, has a
fiancé from MICHIGAN!!! Coincidence? I think not! We had 4
investigators At church yesterday, that has never happened my whole
mission, I'm telling you, miracles!!! Aww it is so great to be here!
If you can't tell, I am super excited!!
One other random thing, there is a sister, Joann Radcliffe, who used
to live in south Lyon!! Her sister is sister eckersley!! ( I think...
there is a Connection to that family;) So crazy, I love all the fun
connections you make on missions!
I have gained a greater understanding of what it means to truly trust
the Lord. He has the bigger picture in mind always. It can be hard to
remember this when the answers don't seem to be coming, but as we
strive to be happy no matter the circumstance, and trust that He knows
our hearts, we will find those answers. They may take long to come, I
still await answers to many of mine, but I have seen many answers as
well. I have been able to feel true joy in moments of trial and
moments of peace. He loves each one of you, and through Christ's
atonement, our efforts can be magnified. Never doubt the power it has
in every aspect of life. I know these things are true and the way to
real happiness that lasts. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I will continue to update you more, my kind is still I a bit of a
whirlwind, the first weeks of transfers are always kinda crazy, but I
love you all LOADS!!
Have a brill week fam!
XxSister Carter

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