Monday, March 27, 2017

Oik postagh ellan vannin

Alrighhht!! How's it fam?
This week has literally been a whirlwind! I just asked sister Cannon
what happened this week, and we both can't even remember! Ahhhh
Basically, we worked hard, and I have been able to see more of this
beautiful island! Ah, it is so crazy to be here! But yes, we were
finally able to set a return appointment with our friend Caleb, who
has been coming to church for about 4 weeks now... I know!! He is from
Nigeria, and one of the ward members (Who is also from Nigeria) was
able to explain to him why he should meet with us, and he accepted our
invitation! What an answer to prayers! Yay! The work here is slow, but
consistent. They have had more success here in the past 3 transfers
than they have in years it seems! It's an exciting time to be on the
Isle! And Trevor will be baptised on the 8th!! Keep him in your
prayers. I got a chance to chat with his girlfriend Melissa, who is
from Michigan...!!! For a bit and asked her about how he is doing. She
told us that he is the one who reminds her about reading the
scriptures and praying! Haha yes!! That's what every missionary wants
to hear ;) haha
We have been non stop laughing the past week. As we wold street
contact, one of the funniest things was our conversation about mission
memes. Sister Cannon has the funniest facial expression, so we will
say something about mission life, like "that moment when you look at
the phone and see you have 10 missed calls from president Ulrich" and
she will pull a face of terror that we just bust up laughing over. We
just make them up over and over, it's our favourite thing! Haha oh
mission life, gotta love it ;)
One other funny thing happened (that I can remember that is) this
week. I am sure more funny things happened, I just fail at
remembering, so one day I will just open my journal and tell you all
the other stories I forgot. Anyways! So we stopped this man on the
street, and he goes, "your from America!" And we go" how did you
know?!" "Because of the whiteness of your teeth, and your healthy
glow!" HA! We say we are and strike up a conversation about why we
come as missionaries from so far, and then I hear his accent. It isn't
Manx, and it isn't English either. The wheels in my head are turning,
and I go... he sounds South African... a bit. And yous know my love
for South Africans *shout out to sister Steele. So I go, "where are
you from then? Your accent is different!" And he goes, " I am from a
place called South Africa." Me:" AHHH!! I knew it!!!" Haha I think I
may have scared him a bit from my excitement. Too bad he isn't
interested... but it still was fun to make the connection!
This week has been really interesting. I have really felt this renewal
of energy, I have felt this closeness to my Heavenly Father. I have
been able to really feel my divine nature and destiny. It is quite
interesting how sometimes on mission it can be hard to remember who
you really are, and I have had times when I have forgotten. But I
really have had this reminder of that I am a daughter of God, that I
am divine. Kinda like, I have felt the weight of my crown ;)) really
though, I truly know God loves me, He loves each one of us. What an
incredible calling and responsibility we each have to share with
others the knowledge and joy that this truth brings. I know that as we
put our trust in God and His Son, Jesus Christ, all things will work
together for our good. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I love you all so very very much!
Cheerio my lovelies!
Xx Sister Carter

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