Monday, March 13, 2017

Off to the Docks

Alrighty folks,
Here is the news!! We got our transfer calls yesterday, and my fate has been decided. Sister Flake will be staying here in Chorley, and I will be catching a ferry tomorrow morning to go serve in the ISLE OF MAN!!! haha! I can't believe it! I don't even really know much about this area, but if you think Britain is a small island, think again! ;) Aw no, I am really excited, and I will be serving with Sister Cannon, yay! I will miss Chorley though, and sweet Sister Flake. We have worked hard here, and not seeing the temple on the daily will be so... sad! So there ya go! WOOHOOO Transfers!!
This week has been full of miracles, challenges as well, per the norm, but lots of tender mercies. One that was huge for us happened on Wednesday night. We had an appointment to meet with Kirsty, and her boyfriend, Liam. A ward member has really been helping them along and really pushing them to meet with us, since their foster parents legally can't. So we had a good lesson in which we taught about the Godhead- they are both so new to all of this. The lesson felt a bit stiff, and we could tell that there was a bit of tension in the air. But the spirit came in so strongly and changed all of that. We had just shown Liam the video "Because of Him", and he felt the spirit obviously because put his arm around Kirsty, and amid emotion expressed how he just wanted to be with his family and God. In this moment, Sister Flake asked if he would do anything to come closer to Christ, and invited him to follow Christ by being baptised. He said YES! it was such a powerful moment and powerful lesson, i will always remember. We have since linked him with the missionaries in Oldham who have taught and dated him for baptism. He has a ways to go, but I now know without a doubt, that I was meant to meet Kirsty here. That I was sent to be here now, to help her family to be together forever. 
Another miracle happened after a bit of a tough day on Saturday. Cancelled appointments and such. We kept pushing though, and I was eagerly anticipating the miracle- Ether 12:6 mode :) We knocked on a woman's door, and she was so kind. She comes to different activities at the church, has so much respect for church members, and even though she is of a different faith, she expressed that she has always wanted to know more about what we believe! The sisters will be teaching her later this week, and she said that she may even bring some friends along! :)
I am incredibly grateful for this time I have had to serve here in Chorley. I have learned SOOO much here. I have grown so much closer to my Saviour. I can see how he has led and guided me in my time here, and I feel so grateful for the fruits of my labors that i can see and even that I can't. 
I am really excited to be heading to Douglas, and to have many new adventures!! Here goes!!
I love you all!!!
Sister Carter xx

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