Monday, January 16, 2017

Here's my week!

Hiya, yallright?
It is great to hear you all had a fab week! It has been a great one for us here as well. Also, something that Sis Popa and I just found out!! Our new Mission President has been announced on!!! WHAT!? I am in the same transfer as the Ulrich's, but crazy still!! 
Ok, so let me see... lots of miracles have happened this week, and I firmly believe that it is due to our diligence. We have not gotten on a single bus that we haven't spoken to someone on! We have been finding ways to not only be effective, but also efficient with our time. But we are still kinda adjusting to our new schedule. It is basically a lot more flexibility, planning is now in the MORNING!! and Companionship study is only 30 min, sometime during the day that works best for us. It is so nice though, because we have time to really unwind and focus our energy. For those speaking a foreign language, language study is during a different time of day as well, so we are ALL out by 10, but honestly, it hasn't been too much of a change for Sis P and I... still! Crazy huh? 
also, it snowed this week.... the day before it did though... I have never been so cold. I was wearing like every layer I owned, plus my vadar boots. yes. And I wonder why people do the missionary dodge ;) hahaha jk
Here's a few stories from this week: 
We were waiting for a bus on Monday evening so that we could get in on time, and as we stood there, a woman passed by us. We stopped her and began talking to her, and as we told her that we share messages of hope that are centered on Jesus Christ, she went, "Oh how wonderful! that sounds like a great message!" haha it was amazing! And she accepted a return appointment, and we have her phone number, and it was a miracle! She is lovely, and we are seeing her again tonight
Another miracle that we saw this week was when we got a text from a member letting us know that they were inviting their less active niece and her non member boyfriend over for tea, and that He had some questions to ask us. It was amazing to see that this family trusted us enough to answer his questions. And they also were so involved in helping him to understand more about what we believe. It felt like the first step for us in really helping the members get on board with the missionary work, especially in ward 2 :)
And last miracle I wanted to share was being invited into a home while we were tracting! This wonderful woman, Diane, answered her door, and as we spoke to her about who we are and what we do, she invited us to come in and tell her more. We were both SO EXCITED!!! As we spoke and taught her, and testified of the Book of Mormon, the spirit was sweet and real. I know that God is allowing these amazing miracles to occur in our lives because we are going forward, full steam ahead, with faith in Christ.

Otherwise though, we are still striving our hardest to reach our 28th of January goal, and I truly believe that it can happen. I trust though, that whatever the Lord's will is, will be. I trust His timing. 
Not loads happened this week, it were one of those odd and rare ones where the days are fast, but the weeks lasts for ages. But we are powering through!! YAY!!!
Thanks for all of your wonderful and encouraging notes- hope you know how much I appreciate each one. I love you all so very much!
Sister Carter

pic:Throwback because Acer got BAPTISED!!

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