Monday, January 9, 2017

Back at it

Here we go! The holiday festivities have come to an end, BACK TO WORK YALL! haha it is so good though, it is so good to have this feeling inside of me that I want the norm. You are so right Dad, I have found my groove. I don't like for it to change too much, and when it does, I enjoy it, but still thrive off of the missionary schedule and being able to earn my pillow each day.
This week has been great for us, we had some great miracles. Goes to show that even amid the trials, we can choose to be happy. Basically in England, we can get a lot of rejection. And this week was no exception. BUT Sister Popa and I have been re awakened to a new sense of all we can accomplish for the rest of this transfer. We had a vision meeting as the North Zones (Chorley, Ashton, Preston, and Liverpool zones) and it was Intensely spiritual. Probably the most powerful meetings I have been in  to date. They announced a new daily schedule and pday schedule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOWWWWW!!!!!! it will go worldwide soon, but we are piloting it, by the time Ethan goes, it'll be in full swing! Sorry E, ya won't get what we are all used to, but it is SO GOOD!! aw man, i was sat there thinking, WOW the signs of the times, of the harvest, of the gathering is RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES!!!! Literally, during my short mission so far, there have seen SO MANY CHANGES. Also, we have been "using" the area book app (which includes the planner on it), (i say using because we have all been bouncing between our paper planners and the ipads), and they told us all to throw them away! Wow. That was hard. I won't get my final few planners, but the area book app is sooooo incredible. and they were right, we just had to cut it off. We teach it all the time, but perhaps we are all a bit addicted to our planners... haha No it's the best thing ever, and we are really using the technology that we have been blessed with. So yes. Back to the vision meeting! So they talked about how things were going to really change in the way we approach missionary work. We want to all rise to a new level of consecration, and to really give all that we have to the Lord. (Something that really struck my is that true humility isn't just thinking less of myself, or more of others, it is 100% trusting the Lord. In fact it isn't even about me at all. It is realising that all i have all i desire, all that  happens is thanks to Him.) As we do all we do in Christ's name, we are endowed with power and authority. I know that He is waiting for me to ask Him. To allow Him to do His work, and I am simply the instrument. I must allow Him to move me, to work through me. It was such a powerful meeting, and I can't say half the things we discussed, but just know it was great. 
Last night was the missionary fireside, only this time it was here in Chorley as opposed to man south, and it was  a musical fireside! of "our story goes on"..... It is like this British pageant type thing, about the plan of Salvation. It was brilliant! We all loved it so much! 
One of the miracles happened on Saturday. Sister Popa and I set a goal to baptise someone on the 28th of January. (if you also want to pray with us to accomplish that, feel free). We went out with certain things we were going to improve upon to do all within our power to do so. One of these being bus contacting, quite an interesting way of finding, but we do is loads here in la englatera. Yes. SO we went throughout the day, and talked to literally EVERY PERSON. and nothing. then at the very end of the day, we get on the bus to head home. Done for the day. ( Background: President always tell us that we have to stay so diligent all day, that miracles happen between 8:30 and 9pm). We are riding along, and there is the man sat behind Sister Popa. I didn't know if she would turn to talk to him, but I felt that we needed to speak to him. We keep going along, and then finally she does turn around, and immediately he is way interested. He must have recognised us, because he goes, "oh my uncle joined your church a while back, and it really changed his life!" Turns out our new friend, Darren, has had a tough year, and the changes he saw in his uncles life are what he wants and needs in his own right now!!! WOW!!! What a huge answer to prayer! we were just scribbling down his information as we pressed the button to get off! haha it was amazing, and I am so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord. 
I know that He lives. He loves us. Truly He wants what is best for us, and even if we have to go through the Fiery furnace to get there, we always come out better for it. I know that as we strive with all our might to do His will, He can magnify our efforts, and allow miracles to happen in our behalf. He is only a prayer away and He listens to every one we say. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Sister Carter 

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