Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It's not cold... I'm beautiful!

Ello Family,

Wow!! Snow! Yous are quite lucky, aka SO STINKING LUCKY!! It's the best when it's cold and it actually snows, but I shouldn't say that... I am so grateful for how dry it has been here all fall and so far this winter! (knocking of this wooden table as we speak). So irregular, but so nice! haha snow day from church though, wowza! For us, no snow so far... we shall see!! Ah, I wish I had taken a picture, but the rain and constant drizzle of some days here made my boots from Primark (#primone` ;) fall apart! the sole is unattatched, time for some new ones! Merry Christmas to me!!! 

AND yes, I realise you all are probably dying to hear about transfers, of course, naturally..... I AM STAYING IN CHORLEY WITH SISTER POPAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so ridiculously excited!!!!! ITS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahhaa we DIED when the ZL's told us!!! haha yes yes yes yayayayayyyyy! 

Other than that, this week has been... hmmm... yeah the week right after a baptism can be a bit... uneventful? haha Loads of finding, YES! haha We met some great people, with lots of potential, but so far, we are still fishing :) Yesterday we stayed up in Buckshaw ALL. DAY. ... it was madness. I started saying crazy things.. which I know yous think aw thats normal. But for example. I will explain the title of this lovely email haha So it was really cold yesterday, and I also needed to use the loo, so I am standing there saying, "aw man its so cold!!" and then I realise, wait... positivity.."It's not cold! I'm beautiful..." sister Popa: "your beautiful??!" me:" HAHAHAA NO I MEANT TO SAY IT'S BEAUTIFUL, LIKE TODAY IS BEAUTIFULLLLLLL!!!.... But also yes HA!" Haaaaaaaaaaaha how embarrassing.... haha it's a good thing nobody answered the door, we could not stop laughing!  

Sorry our senses of humor as missionaries... it's.. interesting. We had our plans all set for our day on Friday, but as we go out in the morning, we get a text from the Preston Sisters. They are asking if they should eat lunch before coming on exchanges with us.....??? HUH!??? Dang it AP's!! So we had no idea but we were to be exchanging with Sister Setu (trio, yay!) while Sister Barlow went to the temple! Surprise!! haha So the day was crazy and our plans totally got butchered. But ya know, it is all good! And Sis Setu is fab! Love her!

A few funny things happened this week: 
We saw the mad hatter in the bus station, and no it was not in the mirror! 
There is a common thing that the english say when we try to stop them:"I'm inarush!" so this quote from my brill companion was quite funny, "They're not english, they're 'Rushin'" haha ;) 
And at our ward Christmas party,  Jason's family came (!!!!!) and his younger brother goes (after getting a present from Father Christmas) "I love santa! Santa and I are BEST BUDS!" haha so cute!

ANYWAYS!! Ok, I will let go get on with your day, but I am SO EXCITED TO SPEND CHRISTMAS IN CHORLEY!! And Also, to skype you all SO SOON!! make sure everyone is on!!! keep #LIGHTtheWORLD - ing!!!

Much Love,
Sister Carter

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