Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Excitement: YAY

Cheers for all of the lovely Thanksgiving gratitude notes! haha I love you all and I am SO blessed to have such a fab family!! Glad that you got to spend it like we did as kids, how fun! and sorry i couldn't be there.. well sorry not sorry haha ;)

This week has been crayzay, but very good! gotcha a few stories, get ready!

After District meeting in Blackburn, we had exchanges in Rossendale Valley.... oh my days, so beautiful!! Wow! But those rolling hills give ya a work out, I'll tell you what! But it was so fun, I was with Sister Tamayo, love her, my little hispanic kick for the week! bueno. So yes, we get there and drop my stuff at the flat, and it smells kinda funny, so I go, "hmm what's that smell?" she proceeds to tell me that they have a little furry friend that lives in their flat, and you all know how much i love mice... so much not! But I was like... mkay yes, that is gross, but she helped me to feel better about it by saying that we sleep on the couches, so no worries........... HAHA!! I love sis T! no, but that was ok, we went out and did some finding, and bless her, she is SO enthusiastic! that is one of the main things I learned actually, is to SHOW others how much I love this work! we would knock on a door, and before she even saw the person, she would go, "HALLO SIRR!!! HOW ARE YOUUU?!!" and without fail the person would smile and say "wow, good! yallright??" and then we would have a lovely conversation.. most of the time? haha no it was great though! As we were heading home for the night, we were waiting for the bus.. oh how I love the buses in small towns! I had forgotten, but this bus was super late. We were standing there, and there were a few other women waiting there as well. Then Sis T goes, "oh no, sister carter, I just saw some chavs (kinda like street kids) peaking out from that alley, they are planning something, just be aware, they are gunna do something.." i was just like.... aw no where is this bus? but we kept waiting and chatting and then smack! something really hard hits the bus stop behind us! we look down and see that it was a snow ball made out of old hail from last week, aka ice ball... and then look up to see the chavs peaking out from behind the building across the street! ohhhhh noooo... WHERE IS THE BUSSS!!!??? Sis. T goes "TRY AGAIN!" she is NOT happy, and I am freaking out, and at the top of the hill i see the bus, but it is not coming fast enough, she is shouting at them to try again... and then they do! and They are throwing snow balls at us, and the ladies at the stop are probably more shocked than us, and I am giving them a death glare when I look over, and there's the bus! oops! lets not get hit! but Sis T goes, "TRY AGAIN AND WE'LL CALL THE POLICE!!!" yeahhhhhh..... but then we get home, and I am trying to sleep in this lovely flat, and I have layered up, covering every part of my body because that mouse/rat will NOT touch me! and I wake up because I am SOOOO hot in the middle of the night... and I can't fall back asleep because I am thinking i hear noises of the rat (my imagination is really good)... dahhh! my gratitude for living in Chorley was greatly improved in just those few hours!! Such good timing for Thanksgiving!
Needless to say, I got back and told Sister Popa sorry for my post exchange coma.... hah! 

Thanksgiving was so wonderful! It was unlike I have ever had, and that I probably will ever have. We forgot to write on our tea calendar that it was thanksgiving on Thursday, and the member signed up a long time ago probably without even realizing it, and we didn't feel comfortable telling them it was Thanksgiving, so we go, and had a feast of rice and Chilli con carne! yummmm! haha it was lovely, and their family is so sweet! they actually remind me of you lot! We were invited by a less active to come over and have a lesson, and she surprised us with a little gift for Thanksgiving, and some sweets and snacks for us <3 so sweet! haha Best part though, was after planning, Sister Popa and I had Banoffee Pie and listened to Rock of ages on repeat!! haha such a happy moment. I love moments like this. Life is so full of them, and I have been pondering a lot lately on how blessed I truly am. I am so grateful for the MANY MANY moments that I have had in my life. I am so grateful for where I am right now, for love that I feel for and from those around me. I am grateful for all that I have learned, and will learn. We are so blessed huh??

We woke up Friday, and were once again in a coma, but this time it was a sugar coma. We were trying so hard to do jumping jacks, but wow, it has never been such a struggle! haha we were shattered! Soooo exhausted! blah! but we still found some new investigators, and saw Jason!!

Yay for Jason!! We saw him basically every day this week, taught him all of the commandments, and He is on track to be baptised on Saturday! Yayyay!! We had a bit of a scare though yesterday when he didn't show up to church with his mom, but we got a text saying that she was ill and had a migraine and hadn't been able to get the door or the phone that morning. We were both saying though, we had to have some sort of opposition, no surprise. But it's all good! Keep praying though that He'll make it!

We are sooooooo excited though!!! Now it is time to ring in the Christmas season!! The Christmas initiative is SO incredible! #LIGHT THE WORLD!! yay!! we are working with 2 families in the wards on it, and yes! I was going to invite you all to do the 25 ways in 25 days advent calendar, but yous are so on top of things, nice one! haha 

Keep praying for us, that we can continue to see success :)

I am so grateful for you all, and love each one of you! Less than one month to Christmas!!! Woot woot!!
Love you all
Sister Carter 

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