Monday, November 21, 2016

Rock of Ages, cleft for me... decorate the (thanksgiving) tree!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the world! I don't even care that they don't celebrate it here, or that Saturday was lighting the Chorley Christmas lights, we are SO EXCITED!!!! I am so incredibly grateful for this time that I have to be a missionary and to share this message of just how truly blessed we all are to live at this time when the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth. What better way to spend this Holiday? trick question, there is none! haha 

This week has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I am so blessed to have a supportive and hilarious companion who helps us through whatever is thrown our way. Plus it has been SUUUPER cold, time to whip out them thermals... #firsttimeservinginnorthzones

Jason, our sweet nine year old investigator, is dated to be baptised on the 3rd!! YAYAYAYAYYYY we are soooo stinking excited! We will be seeing him basically every day this week, but if you all could keep praying for him and his family, that would be greatly appreciated! But yes, he came to church yesterday for the third time, and he seemed right at home, skipping off to primary, so cute!! And his mom, Mandy, who we are helping to re activate, is the BEST, we love her. She is so supportive! blessings :)

We have had lots of appointments fall through, and had some investigators drop us yesterday, but i have gotten to this wonderful point in my mission where the opposition excites me! haha I am like, yeahhhh, we are definitely about to have miracles! Get ready haha it's so true though, and Chorley is about to get really Christmas-y, and that is the best thing ever! We have the Festival of Nativities coming up, and the Carol choir thing. it is so great to be here at Christmas time, because a lot of the festivities of the season happen here, cuz we are by the temple, yay! gotta have a balance is what i am trying to say :)

There has been hale every day. Not snow, but hale, and it builds up and makes everything white and beautiful like snow, but it still hurts on the way down!! haha so bizarre! But England has this talent of having all 4 seasons in one day, so it's fab, no worries! 

We got KFC on Friday, all of the billboard advertise this super yummy looking double stacker chicken burger, and i have been craving it like crazy since man south, and we FINALLY got it!! And it was amazing! But it had been so long since I had eaten fast food that I got super jittery! I couldn't control myself! haha

Funny quotes from this week (most happened during our tracting adventures in Buckshaw) :
Haymitch is right? 
My english...I'm from America, but it isn't working so well right now!
The clouds make a blanket so it's not so cold. ( true statement)
and then you have the title of this email, we were coming up with a new christmas song and we both love the song rock of ages (YSA face to face with Elder Holland version), and this is what Sister Popa sang as we waited for the bus hahaha

We are working hard, and seeking to increase our teaching pool. We are really excited for Thanksgiving, both of us are huge fans, and yes we have a tea appointment, but we will also have our own festivities, don't you worry mom! 

I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that He lives and loves each one of us. He is our Saviour, and as we put our faith in Him, we can do whatever is needed of us. Thank you all for helping me and encouraging me. Missions are not easy, but they are such a blessing. Happy Thanksgiving!!

t-rah! xx
Sister Carter

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