Monday, November 14, 2016

Have a check!

WOW I am so dead excited to be here!! With SISTER POPA, I love her so much, wow! President is so inspired because we are literally soul sisters haha basically all I have to say is she loves 1D, yep..! Aw but seriously, it is so great to be here! This is such a special area, with the temple, and 4 wards, it is CRAZY, but it is so good to be here with a seasoned missionary (she only has 2 transfers left... wahhh!) so we are both like, yes, lets go! 
I will say though, that I really miss Man South, what a beautiful place.... by far my favorite transfer so far. So much fun and the perks from being in the central hub of the mission were unreal. As we drove away in the coach i was like.... blinkin heck I am NOT READY to leave yet!! but now i am like, it's ok, the future is bright, right? yes definitely!
So many fun and funny moments from this week, so we were street contacting up near where we live, and stop this man, he was "in a rush" (hmm sounds so familiar..) and so we shared a card with him. as he walked away, Sis Popa goes, "Have a check!" meaning to say have a good night and check it out, it works! 
Also, there is a couple in our ward, the Hewitsons who both served in the Scotland/Ireland mission, who the wife knows Christine Watt/ she is married. haha but crazy!! Small world....
Another was last night while we were walking home, we were telling our funny bus stories, and I remembered one, i have to tell you cuz I almost died laughing last night, and I can't remember if I told yous.  Anyways, this was last transfer. We were getting off a bus to do some finding down in Wythenshawe. I am getting off of the bus, and usually you say something nice to the driver like "cheers" or "thank you" or "tra luv!" but as I walked off (i must have been SUPER distracted) i go, "Hello!" HAHAHAHAHAHA What?? and then I am laughing and the bus driver is just like "huh?" but laughing too, and i am just like, wait no, bye!! missionaries are so crazy!
At MLC this week we got to hear about the Christmas initiative, its going to be soooo brill!! but the best moment was when we all gathered around the projector and watched the new video... heart! <3 it is so good :)
this week has been so good, seeing the temple every day, and finding tons of new investigators, laughing NONSTOP, and saying HBD to Sister Stapel because it was her birthday yesterday!! shout out to her! And basically having no idea what is going on! (this transition has been a super weird one for me, because it is my first time coming into an area without having to lead like at all... this is Sister Popa's 6th transfer here, she knows it suuuuper well and knows how to missionary soooo well, and so im just following her around TOO MUCH!! i am so not used to it! But it's ok, I will figure out who everyone is and where I am eventually!)
Anyways, I love you all! Sorry to hear about the hot tub not working... Bummer.... but now I wont be too jealous I guess, and also fyi, Sis P and I are going to DEFINITELY celebrate Thanksgiving, both of us love it! and maybe the members here will remember ( I hear a lot of them do something fun for the american missionaries sometimes :) No worries!!
Take luck!!
Sister Carter

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