Monday, November 7, 2016

Manchester's on fire

So just FYI, I love you all!
Yes, I will break the suspense. I know it's killing you to know about
transfers, haha! Not really, but yes! So this is what's happening: I
have done what I have been called to man south to do apparently,
hopefully, cuz I am shipping out to Chorley!! To be the STL there, so
exciting! (It's the area with the the temple, yay!) and Sister Stapel
will stay here and train!! Yeah! Crazy crazy. My time here was so
short, but it was SO fun! This ward, district, and companionship have
all been so inspired. And now half of us  are out, so weird... Change,
gotta love it!
Fun times though, with Halloween and guy Fawkes, they went all out for
bonfire night! Crazy stuff, the whole night it smelled like smoke,
mix from the fireworks and bonfires, nice one.
I literally am so scatter brained, I have to help the sisters get to
their training meeting thing, so basically... Nothing new haha but I
will give you some pics that will help give an idea of the crazy
things we have been up to. I will miss this place, but that's probably
a good sign ;)
Yay for new adventures!!!
Miracle of the day, Bro Higson (who also used to live in canton)
walked into the chapel as we sat here emailing. I was sad cuz I didn't
get to say bye to him yesterday, and since I haven't been here so
long, he was the one we got closest to. He walked in and we got to say
bye in real life. Tender mercies :))
Yay time for Christmas music because no thanksgiving here haha!!
Love you all
Sister Carter

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