Monday, August 1, 2016

Week #28 Just keep the font full!

Ok soooooo I HAD MY FIRST VERY OWN BAPTISM!!! I know that your prayers were key in helping Zoe make it to her special day! I love her so much. Countless prayers and effort have been answered in this event! YAYYY!!! I am so grateful! there's also a story to go along with it! So Satan just really does not want these people to be baptised, so before every baptism there is always a hiccup... THis time it was quite dramatic. There have been men working on the bathroom down in the basement of the building, and they must have emptied the boiler earlier on Thursday, because there was NO warm water.... So poor Zoe was very cold- she basically jumped out of the font! But she told us later that even though she was cold, she couldn't really feel it because of the warmth that filled inside of her :))) She's the best 
And in other news, you have to keep praying, this time for Anna! Her baptism is this Saturday! Wow! haha hence my title! But seriously, all of these incredible people! I can't even believe it! She is helping to fellowship the other investigators in our district she is so good! Love her!
I have been teaching the english class. pro status! Oh my goodness, it is so great! This week, we built a story together! Each person added a word at a time, and it had to be grammatically correct and such, but it was hilarious and made no sense!! haha it was like, "hey can you bring my hand and leg in here?" haha what? good times! I don't think they actually learn anything, but it's fun, so it's all good!
Last pday we went to china town, and celebrated April's birthday with hotpots. But me being less excited to spend the moneys, I just got some eggplant dish, which was yum! but china town! HELLO! haha it was great! And then we went around and saw Manchester Cathedral- wow! just wow.
LIfe has been crazy and good here! the weather the past few days has been perfect! another plus of moving flats has been the balcony, which yes i sit out on ALL the days! Oh man! I just love it!! 
So something funny from this week- it just cracks me up. Ok so is the pokemon game super huge in the US? cuz here literally EVERYONE is on their phones playing pokemon! it's so bad that some people have been getting their phones snatched as they play!! CRAZY!!! but it's fun to mess with the people, all like, hey are you playing pokemon? come try it at our church!! 
We have found some incredible people this week! I just love being able to work hard, but have fun! i love Sis Carroll's advice to me from the beginning- happiness is a choice. decide to be happy each day.
I know that God is hears every prayer. He loves us all! I've been reading in Mosiah lately about the people of Limhi. They were able to escape out of bondage, no doubt because of their immense faith. I know that as we put our trust in the Lord, and then take that step- into the dark- We will see miracles. I have seen it countless times already in my mission. As we walk by faith, and in obedience, He is bound to bless us. Mosiah 21:14-15 - read it!
I love you all!!
Sister Carter
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