Monday, July 25, 2016

week #27 Hai dai Hai dai :)

Its pretty funny how you really don't realize how weird the english language is until you have to teach it to people! Also, why are words so hard to define? I am starting to recognize different chinese words, but my favorite is still zhen da ma or REALLEHH?? haha man, i love crazy chinese people <33 I was thinking about it last night, the last thing I thought I'd learn about on my mission was the chinese/taiwanese culture, but nevermind! England is full of surprises! 

THis week has been a bit of a whirlwind, but super good. THEY SUN FINALLY CAME OUT!!! and it was HOT, for us at least. I do think i'm becoming a bit of a wimp, but whatevs ;) 

Exchanges are the best! Oh man, I had so much fun! I got to serve for the day in Man South, which is the best! (it's the area with the mission home and the AP's, office elders,etc. But another great thing about it was serving in a trio! haha sweet sister Menlove (from PASON!! what?!) and Sister Keck (from switzerland, i know!!) are so great- love them! SIster Menlove has been on her mission for 7 weeks, and sister keck just got to the area, so Sis m, bless her, lead us around! She did SO WELL, DANG! she's amazing. I would never have guessed she'd been out that short amount of time. ANYWAYS! we got to go to coordination meeting, and their wml lived in westland ward, SERIOUSLY!! a while ago, but still! And I got to see my old Zone leader who is now an assistant, and other zone leader who is now a delivery elder- friends, yay!! But the whole experience was like a breath of fresh air for me. I really needed it, and the Lord's timing is perfect. I feel very motivated and ready to take on the next year from it! haha nice one :)

This week I also had LEGIT HOT POTS for the first time <3 SUPER GOOD!! April, is basically the best person ever. (also, today is her 5th anniversary of being 18! lols) So pretty much you make a bunch of spicy soup, and put a whole bunch of other stuff into it as you go- ie to fu, cabbage, potatoes, seaweed (hai dai), hamburger, etc! you just throw it in whenever you want, and pull whatever out of the pot you want! It was so good, and I have never eaten so much! haha

The people we are teaching are so brill! Zoe is preparing to be baptized on Thursday!! I pray she can keep her date! and Anna- she is so prepared. We taught her tithing yesterday, and she goes, "so if I don't have an income, can I still pay tithing?!" And was asking how to pay, when, where... just she is fantastic! But i have to say, one of the best things, best moments as a missionary is when an investigator comes to church (acer) for the first time, and they sing (acer!!. it is so sweet to hear them try to match the pitches and follow along. Acer is our newest investigator, and man, he is so sincere! life is good in the ysa!

I feel so grateful to be here! I forgot my camera last week on pday, like I said, but we went to this museum, i think like the museum of natural history? right by manchester university aka across the street from the chapel. It was so crazy! They had a real mummy!! YOU COULD ACTUALLY SEE THE HUMAN!!! (corpse) AAAAA it was super fun though, just looking at all of the stuff they had there! I know! Geek status, but museums are bomb, ok? bueno.

We moved in with the other sisters!! 4 sister flat!!! SO FUN!! and we also have a permanent mega bed! haha it's the only way that they will all fit in there!! haha I love it! the elders got kicked out of their flat, and I wasn't going to say anything, but our last flat was rubbish.... haha sorry elders! they live there now. hah! 

yes, they call Manchester YSA the land of never ending street displays, and it is not a lie. Ethan, in answer to your question, yes. We usually have a banner, and a table with a display on it, like a bunch of BOMs and pamphlets, or a whiteboard with inspired questions, or whatever! In my past areas we would make quite a fuss about them, making lots of preparations, but here, we just go. haha oh, two companionships are finding right now? great! St display! haha you have to do it in an area with a high concentration of people, and high traffic (aka manchester) and man, graduation makes things even more interesting! It's been going on for 2 weeks!! so everyone is like, oh no sorry, not only am I in a rush, but I'm also just here for the day for graduation... Dahh! haha jk it's great! I met a chinese man, James, who came to our sports night, SUCCESS!!

I just feel super blessed and happy and calm, and I am so grateful! life is good. My testimony continues to best tested and stretched, but it's just like working out. your muscles have to break down to grow stronger, just like your faith. As it is pushed to the limit, as it is tried, it grows. It becomes solid and deeply ingrained. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the path we must follow to return to our Father in Heaven. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that Heavenly Father is keenly aware of each one of us. every day, every choice we make, He knows. He hears every prayer, and He wants us to be eternally happy. We must trust His will and His timing. Keep going yall!! And speaking of pioneer day, we are all pioneers. Be an example, and never fear (Ethan, just invite them to an activity, help them become friends with church people, and invite them and invite them.)

I love you all!!!! 
Sister Carter

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