Monday, July 18, 2016

week #25: Making my move to MANCHESTER

Hola mi familia,

Thank you all so much for all the updates! I feel like things are going really well, and SO FUN ABOUT FAYE'S BLESSING!!! Dad, that story was huuuularious!!! ah man, good stuff! 
Wow wowowowww ok, so it's been a bit of a crazy week, like CRAZY!! I've had high energy knowing that transfers were coming, and I had no idea what to expect. But i just kept plugging along as usual. We taught Pat and Gordan again, which was so good. I love them!! Man, it was just a really great week, we found a bunch of young Filipino girls who were interested in learning more about the gospel, YAY! they were all so cute, and were so interested in what we do and teach. We also got to teach Molly, which was great- I don't really know how that will go from now on, but I'll come back to that!
Some of the fun stuff that happened:
- Wales is ROcKING it in the football tournament. They havent played in over 50 years, so this is a BIG DEAL. BIG. and you can tell cuz you can hear... and I must say my welsh pride is up there... haha LOVE IT!!
- Stereophonics, a band, came and had a concert in Wrexham on Saturday and there were so many people, but it was also fun to street contact with background music ;)

So we were having our lunch on Saturday and the phone rings. Sister Steele answers it, and it's President Ulrich. Ok.... that can only mean a few things at transfer time... So we were both just like... HOLY MOLY.. So he asks to talk to her one on one, and of course I was eavesdropping/crying as he asked to her TRAIN next transfer!!! DAHHHH MY BABY IS GUNNA BE A MOMMAA!!! SO WEIRD!! hahaha that is an amazing feeling, just overwhelming peace and comfort knowing that I succeeded in my efforts to train her. She is such an amazing missionary, and I just know she's gunna have so much fun, and GROWWW.... dang. Buuuuuttt as crazy and exciting as that was, I was freaking out, cuz she is training in Wrexham, so I was like... im obviously leaving... but WHERE TOOOOO???????

Sunday comes, and I know i won't be there, so I gave my departing testimony, how convenient fast sunday was! But man.... how sad. I love wrexham. it is a hard area, but man oh man i love it. the people there just love you, and saying bye was so hard. Mandy, one of my all time favorite people ever, told me that everyone in the ward really does love me, but told me that I will be missed. it's crazy how much that means. It just hit me in that moment how grateful I am that I started my mission in this area. Wow. I feel incredibly blessed. So much growth happened there.
But then, after church and a baptismal service for one of my favorite primary children, we got the calllll.... and they told me, " Sister Carter, you are hereby called to serve in the MANCHESTER YSA AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" DAHHHHHHHaDAHAHAHDAHDHHHHHH hahaha hooooollllyyyy mollllyyyy i'm in downtown Manchester! Can you believe it?!!! I am ridiculously excited (and scared and nervous), but mostly excited!! 
I got to go on exchange with SIster walker in stockport- she is my sister literally, Sister Harp also trained her. She is amazing, and is sadly going homee.... dying... dah. but she is amazing. and it was suuuuch a blessing to serve with her even for just one night. We met up at the YSA building here in man city. it's legit. It has 5 floors, all with something different- chapel, baptistry, kitchen, etc. and then we went out and did work- they call it "riding the ox"... it's street contacting up and down oxford road!! haha crazy! this is so foreign to me!!! And all of the other missionaries, including sweet Sis. Hu, my new companion, speak Mandarin! MOM YOU WERE RIGHT!!! Except she's from taiwan, not china! man this is insane!! I am so excited!
I love you all and hope that you have a super good week!!!
Sister Carter

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