Monday, July 18, 2016

Week #26: My oh my, this american SISTER

I literally had to write out all of the things I wanted to write about this week! My brain is just a whole jumble of stuff!! I need a HOW TO DE-CLUTTER YOUR BRAIN book! But it's so great as well cuz it's all good stuff, all uplifting, so hey, no worries! haha  ;)
Life here is great, I am happy, keeping busy, finding, and teaching. I feel very close to my Heavenly Father, and I have seen His hand so much in my life lately. He just reaches out to me when I least expect it. I feel so grateful. How amazing it is that I get the chance to help other people to learn of Him and come closer to Him. To see His hand in their lives.
ok. So yes, manchester is just a bit different from Wrexham, Surprise!! (get that corn outta mah face). But we had a street display in Piccadilly gardens on Saturday, and I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY PEOPLE AHHHH!! haha I was seriously like, I don't even know what to do right now. But I said a prayer, and after, just spotted one person who I could speak with. I continued to do that throughout the display, and I had the courage necessary to share our message. AKA I can do hard things! haha so crazy! But I have a firm testimony that as I do what I am supposed to, miracles will come. So i noticed that even though I didn't have  a ton of success at the street display, my efforts allowed for the Elders to have people literally walk up to them and ask for a Book of Mormon! YEAH! So it works!
We had an amazing zone conference this week. President had a returned missionary speak to us about key indicators, which is like the numbers we report each week. His words were literally for me. He is a finance person, so naturally I was like, yoooo yessss! and he was saying how it bothered him when people would say that numbers didn't matter ( which that bothers me as well), because they DO. I can work smarter and harder. He talked about ANALYZING how our previous weeks have gone and from that set goals for the next week!! dUHH I just ate it up! And I had though about it before, he was just able to lay it out. How two key indicators compared together from this week and previous weeks can show me how well I am finding, or teaching, or whatever the case may be for each number! I was just like, WOWWWW!!! Yep, the Church is true! But yeah, it was a super good meeting, and I feel very excited and rejuvenated after it all!Inline image 1
So basically Bishop Roberts and I are best friends! haha no i feel super grateful for all the valuable lessons I learned in wrexham. I knew coming into this area that in order to have success here, we as missionaries needed the trust of the members and especially the bishop. We all met with him on thursday, and I guess I made an impression or something because YAY he asked me to speak in sacrament meeting on Sunday! haha No I was able to ask him what his expectations were for us here, and I think he appreciated that. But I was also grateful for the talk assignment- I feel like I always learn more that I actually am able to say in the talk. I was able to share about my missionary experiences from before my mission and what I have learned from them that I have applied into my mission now. I felt a lot of inspiration for the talk, and used a lot of the talk from this past conference, " the greatest leaders are the Greatest followers" (probably one of my all time favorites!). I just love being here, I have already grown so much!!! The bishop had us all over for lunch yesterday as well with our investigators and recent converts! It was super fun!
We are teaching some great people who I love right now! Louise and Zoe are referrals from Joanna our recent convert! And they are so cute and sweet! they are very prepared, and we can teach them simply. 
I wish I had more funny or crazy stories to tell- I'm realizing now how much of my stories come fropm tracting, which we don't do here!!! DANG IT!!! haha Pick your battles, am i right? haha
I love this work. I love the gospel. I have such a strong love for my family- I love and appreciate you all so much. Thank you for supporting me, for helping me keep focused, and for your prayers. I feel them every day. I am so grateful to be a missionary. I know this is the Lord's work. Christ Lives. He loves you. He loves me.
Also, Falafil is so good.
Sorry I forgot my camera at home..... NOOOOOO!!
I love you all!
Sister Carter

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