Monday, May 23, 2016

Week # 19 Who's having a Street Display?

Heya friends and fam!

Wow, so it sounds like you are all doing well in the 248, which is so good! I love hearing about all the crazy and fun things you all do. also, the faces in the pics from cedar point- classic. hahaha!!
Oh man, this week felt really reallllly long, probably because we had stake conference last Sunday, so there was no sacrament meeting to break up the week, but I'm all out of wack, can't figure out what day it is! plus today our pday is only until 2 pm because we have our MISSION TOUR on Wednesday, can I get a WHOOP WHOOP!!??? haha I'm just a bit excited ;)
Highlights of the week... let me see.... hahaha

- Service opportunities!! I love giving service! There is a big warehouse in Wrexham full of donations for the refugees in Syria that we got to go and help sort and pack. So fun! also, we got to go and work in a sweet member's garden, Shuetyee, and Wow am I glad I have experience with that ;) haha I'm only kind of kidding! But service just always makes ya feel good!

- teaching our new investigators!! We have two ones! One whose name is Siros, and he came to church yesterday!! And another, Whitney. Love her! She loves the Book of Mormon, can't put it down infact! We taught her the first two lessons yesterday, and she is so brill!

- the members. President instructed us to be in the members homes every day and teach them from the PMG lessons. WOW is he inspired! We have received so many new referrals, and not only that, I had one of the most powerful spiritual experiences in one of the members homes. I know that God is truly aware of each one of His children. I know that we can be answers to other's prayers if we can listen to the spirit. I know that if we are trying our best, even if we feel we are failing at times, we aren't. That we may never know the true impact that we make. It is the moments though that we can see the impact that help me to realize that I am making an impact.

-Harriot!! We tracted into her on Saturday. She shared with us that her father had passed away recently and it was quite hard on her. I asked if we could share a scripture with her, and she said of course. I read Alma 40:11-12 and the spirit was so strong. She had tears in her eyes and she hugged and thanked us multiple times. I am SO excited to go back and see her!!

two stories though for you to go along with this super exciting email;) haha We were tracting and this lady opens the door and starts speaking to us in Welsh. We apologized that we couldn't speak welsh, but asked if she spoke English. She said that she refused to speak it in her own country, but proceeded to tell us (in English) that we were racist!! haha!! It was such a funny moment though, idk. it's moments like that that really keep the humor alive, keep us going ;)
We had a street display on Saturday that was really really good! We all met some amazing people! Down the street there was a festival going on, and the music was super loud. We could hear it clearly and quite loudly from where our display was. The music was super distracting, as it was metal and skreamo, and one of the Elders goes, "oh hey look, Satan's having a street display today too!" HAAHAHA too good!!

Anyways! That was my week! Pretty DANG exciting! I know! haha no, it's been a really good week! My testimony in the love that God has for me has been strengthened so much. I know that He really is aware of me and us here in Wrexham. He knows of my efforts, and even though it may not seem it all the time, they do make a difference.
I love you all!!!!
Sister Carter

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