Monday, May 23, 2016

Week #20 Church History Tour: President Hinkley's Flat

Seriously though, life is so good in Wrexham, and in the EMM! This week has been so bomb, and I have loved it so much! The blessings are pouring out, I feel so incredibly grateful!

 Like I said in my last email, our pday was shortened because of the historical tour. So that was, ya know, "fun" ;) hahaha No, it was TOTALLY worth it! I didn't realize before coming out here, but wow does the EMM have such an amazing history. It is the cradle of the restoration. We got to go up to Preston where President Hinckley served his mission, and even got to see the flat where he stayed. We saw the sights where the churches were that thousands of people flocked to to hear these powerful missionaries speak. We saw the River Ribble, where the first saints in England literally raced to be baptized. We also got to see the Chatburn river by Downham, the most beautiful and sacred places I've ever been. Downham is a tiny town where hundreds of saints were baptized. There is a reverence as you walk the roads of this special place. Prophets ancient and modern walked those streets, and as they have kept it looking as close to how it looked back then as possible, you can feel the power of the spirit that still resides in this village. There is a tree there that Elder Holland goes to there to ponder and receive personal revelation. I just felt so privileged to see these sacred places. I felt the presence of angels as we stood by the waters edge at Chatburn. I feel such incredible strength, trust, and duty knowing that I walk these same streets that powerful missionaries and prophets have walked. WOW!

That was the highlight, but there have been other amazing things happening this week along with that! We found a young woman, Hannah, who is so prepared! Her faith in God and Jesus Christ are inspiring! And she asked us to mark our favourite passages in the Book of Mormon for her to read after we taught her about the Restoration.
We met another woman, from.... INDIA!!! Mumbai!! I know!!! I was so excited when she expressed to us that she wants to learn more about Jesus Christ, and wants a bible and Book of Mormon of her own! #blessings

We got to teach our friend, John, about the Word of Wisdom. We go to take some members with us, and he even got a blessing. It was such a powerful blessing, and it really strengthened my testimony of the power of the priesthood! He's incredible, and we're gunna get him to the temple!
I've been getting this feeling lately like the work here in Wrexham is hastening, that things are really picking up, and there's so much I need to and want to do, but that I'm gunna leave before it gets done! DAHH!! I should be here for another transfer though... knock on wood.. haha

I just feel really happy and excited about things!
Yesterday I may or may not have almost been kissed by a 43 year old ginger with a bushy mustache too.... terrifying.. but Sister Steele and I decided that we need to eat more chocolate... more insurance ;))) haha there isn't really a good story to go with it, just we were walking, and I started talking to him, about the gospel- faith. and then he kept getting closer to me, so id back up, and my poor young companion didn't know what to do.. soooo he asks, do you have a fella luv? no... how old are you luv? 20.... he goes, im 43!! im like, ohhhhh my heck , well we have to go!! GOOD THING WE WERE IN WIDE OPEN PUBLIC!! that coulda ended badly... FOR HIM!!!! haha I learned a bit of kung fu on exchanges, so watch out ;) no but it was legit terrifying...and disgusting... I don't think anything would have happened, but it was a good reminder to be street smart!! GROSS!!!!! And it added a few more years to Sis steele's life from the amount of laughing she got out of it ;) haha
But even with crazy people, life is still good :)

I said this to Elise already, but D&C 31:5 has been on my mind a lot lately. It is amazing how as I forget myself, and serve- I like how one missionary said it in his departing testimony, to sacrifice the things I want that will bring temporary happiness for what will bring eternal happiness- my family will live. And not just live like be alive, but really live. I love getting your emails and seeing how the Lord is blessing us all. This work is so important, and I wouldn't be here without all of your amazing examples. Let's all thrust in our sickles, shall we? ;)
I love you all!!!
Stay Classy!
Sister Carter

Ps mom, I didn't get the stories about any ancestors... maddie said it was there, maybe I missed it...

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