Monday, May 9, 2016

Week #18 Mother's Day Call!

Hello again my lovely family!

Wow it was so good to talk to you all yesterday! the end.
haha jk! No but Mom, happy mother's day, you are the most amazing and fun and crazy mom ever! It was so weird but good to hear your voice on the phone yesterday!! Wow, I will never forget that moment! Thank you for all of the encouragement and advice you gave me!
Once again, I don't have a ton of time to write again, but this week has been so great! I went on exchange with this amazing german sister, Sister Kretschmann, and she taught me SO much about hope and faith, Wow what a powerful missionary! She also taught me kung fu, so ya know, SHE IS THE BEST PERSON EVER. haha but my Sister Training leader and her played a prank on us, and it was so funny!! Ill tell you what it was AFTER I play it on some other companions in the future heheheee
I have been forgetting stuff a lot lately, like I said yesterday. the hard thing is, I am stressed in general, then I forget stuff and it stresses me more, and then I forget MORE! So thanks Austin for telling me about the sticky notes. But I got chewed out for it by an LA member, and Dang, that was rough. I didn't think I could do this. I was crazy stressed, and hurt. But guess what, I learned SO MUCH about how Philipians 4 13 means. I truly can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. That is basically the scripture of my mission so far. He is who allows these things to be possible. He is who picks me up and says, yes sister carter, you have this weakness, but what are you going to learn from this? I love you and will help you through this. I only let you go through these things because I know how much you can grow from them. Your potential is so great, and this small trial will help you achieve it.
By the end of the week though, and after some AMAZING SUNSHINY DAYS!!! ( that never happens here!!!!! it's been SO nice!!!!!) we had the best stake conference ever. I learned so much about truly Knowing Christ, and doing what He would do. Not just being acquainted with him. And then speaking with President Ulrich. We got to ask him about our specific investigators, and it just meant so much that he'd take that time to just listen to Sis S and I and give us inspired cousel. ANd then talking to YOU ALL!!! Dah, it was so good! I wanted to talk forever!! But ya know, I have to sacrifice. But just know I love you all! Wrexham is so fun and crazy, and I'm glad you got a little glimpse of what my life is like out here ;) and yes cadburry is different and amazing here ;) haha sadly..??
Hope you are all happy and good!! Ta-rah!!

Sister Carter

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