Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week #21 "Four Transfers, First Visit to A castle and 7 New investigators!"

FOURTH TRANSFER IN WREXHAM BAYBAYYY!!! life is so good in Wrexham, and wales is just the best. I am so excited to be staying here for at least the next 5 weeks (short transfer, weird!)
Sadly I have very little time to write today because... I GOT TO GO TO A CASTLE IN ANGLESEY TODAY!!! haha it was amazing, shout out to the Prices for taking us- love them! So that was on of the huge highlights of the week- this place was soooo pretty- Snowdonia is just across the bay, and it is seriously the most beautiful place. And I love the Prices- they feel like my mission grandparents :)))
So some funny stuff happened this week, hang on let me grab my planner... my memory is literally out the window.
-First 5 Weeks!! Sister Steele had her first five weeks training this Wednesday (even though she has been out 6 weeks.. but ya know) and of course I got to go cuz Im her traynurrr yuss. It was so good!! Man, I am so grateful for these incredible meetings we get to attend as missionaries. I really realized that I can change. That it is me who chooses to be happy, and that I have the ability to become so much more than I know. I know that the Lord expects much of me, but for today, I can choose to change. To be better than I was yesterday. To thrust in my sickle with ALL of my might, not just some of it.
On Tuesday we had our final district meeting of the transfer outside in the SUNNN!
- Also on Tuesday, at the street display, I was stopping these people, and noticed they had an American accent- EXCITEMENT! haha so I asked them where they were from! Michigan :) NO WAYYY IM FROM MICHIGAN TOO!!!! DAH WHAT PART!!! Turns out this sweeter than sweet couple are from BRIGHTON!!! I know.... I was just like... whhhattttt! It was such a huge tender mercy for me. They were so excited and took a picture with me immediately and talked to me for a bit. I seriously fell in love with them right away. I have never met such nice people!! They came back and said can we do any thing fro you when we go back?

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