Sunday, April 10, 2016

Email #14: Service Project

Week # 10

Hello Carter Family and friends!!

Wow, I can't believe you are in Palmyra!! I was actually thinking about that place a lot this week! What an amazing place, and fun family trip, props mom! haha ;) And snow!! that's a bonus! haha jk man, conference was so good! It was weird though, our time is so far ahead of Utah that our morning sessions started at 5pm! and the afternoon sessions didn't start till 9! So we didn't get to watch the Sunday afternoon session, don't spoil it for me! We watched the Saturday afternoon session on Sunday before the Sunday morning, and if you followed all that, way to go ;) But there were so many good talks! I especially loved Elder Ballard's on family councils, and Elder Bednar's on retaining a remission of our sins! but what a powerful conference! In the Women's session, which I got to watch on Saturday morning, Sis Marriott, love her, gave such a great talk! She is so wise! But yay, now we get to read back over them and continue learning from them! Can't wait!!

This week was great! I literally feel like I just went to the temple, so basically I can't remember anything that happened... haha jk but it really does feel like that! Even though it was a whole week ago! I had my first interview with President Ulrich on Thursday, and wow, it is no mistake that he is my president. I received so much good council and reassurance that I am loved, trusted, and prayed for. It is so powerful to hear the love from your leaders, and I love how President Medley told me when getting set apart that they are my new parents for these 18 months. And to be able to feel it. WOW! Sister Harp leaves for home next week...... I KNOW...... So basically I am kinda freaking out, mostly because I have NO IDEA what is going to happen to me! She keeps messing with me, telling me that literally ANYTHING could happen, to have an OPEN mind about it.... DAHHHH!!!! hahaha but I have full trust in the Lord, and am excited for a new chapter in my mission life, bring it!!

We got to do some more service for another member this week, and I love doing service! This sweet older lady needed her garden worked on quite badly, so we offered to help. In Britain they have electric lawn mowers, that are small, and plug in... I know, weird! haha but I got to mow her garden, and it was all fun and great until all of a sudden I realized I had run over dog doo, not because I saw it, but because I could smell it! YEAhhhhh... hahaha Her grass was really tall basically, that's my defense haha I had to empty the thing at least ten times during the process. Nice! haha But yes, it has been a great week! We keep working with Jillian and David, and have yet to see Liam. But things are going well. Particularly with the Less active members, we have seen a lot of success as we've worked with them.

Life is so exciting and good isn't it?? Oh, btw Maddie, I do like my hair.. sometimes. hahah All I can say is it is way easier to manage! But I do look like a boy most of the time ;) hahaha it happens. And who the heck is that man in the pictures with you all?? That can't be Ethan... WHAT THE HECK MAN!??? why have you already grown so much?? It's only been 3 months, you gotta stop it!!! haha weird.. Mom, never stop doing the spontaneous trips, and I love how it was a miracle. The spirit has become my best and closest friend these past few months, and I love that you feel close to him as well. Dad, I really hope that your shoulder feels better... I just keep imagining you dangling above the piano like winnie the pooh, and I can't decide whether to laugh or cry!! haha Oh man, good stuff!
Well, I love you all! Sorry I didn't send any pictures last week, I ran out of time, so here ya go!! We went to chester again today for Sis H's last pday! also in there are temple/mtc and easter ;)

Sister Carter

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