Monday, March 28, 2016

Email #13: Happy Easter!

Week # 9

AAAA!!!!! Happy easter my people!!!!!

It's so good to hear that you are all doing well and had such a good easter! And just so you know, I'm sure that the missionaries really appreciated you for feeding them, in case you didn't know ;) haha You all are amazing! I'm just so grateful for you all. Basically. haha No but yes, last week was a STRUGGLE.. but this week was SOO much better, dang! 

In district meeting, Sister Harp and I got to give a training (which we totally crushed, FACE).. about our purpose as missionaries. It really made me ponder on what the gospel is, and what impact it has on ME when I apply it in my life. It's kinda a cycle. I can feel the times when I am using the atonement in my life and when I'm not, but when I do use it, it's almost always on a higher level. It's so important to not be stagnant. Always seek to be progressing in the gospel. There is always new ways to be improving. If you ever feel that you've succeeded in an area, that's when you know you've got work to do haha :) but thennn my brill district leader taught about work. It's interesting that you were thinking of President Hinkley's experience this week Mom. As he was teaching, it just hit me how this is NOT my time what so ever. This is 100% His. like I like to say to Sis H, it is 0% mine. haha But seriously, it isn't even my time to waste. Plus, I've already sacrificed the time, I should and must use it wisely. I re-committed myself, and have felt very empowered all week. I have seen the spirit work through me. It's an amazing thing. When you're tracting and the person says something, and I have a response! It's beautiful! seriously! haha 

The day before Easter, we were down in this little town called Chirk. It is so CUTE!! but it started chucking rain while we were working there.... haha yeahhhh... So we were super wet, #drownedratstyle ;) we knocked on one house, and this tiny old lady opened up and seemed unsure of us. She had dimensia, and was hesitant to listen. As soon as I started testifying however, her countenance started to change, and she opened her door a bit wider. We talked about Easter and Jesus Christ's life. She got a huge smile and said, "yes, well I know, my husband and I are really so lucky, we have a beautiful family" awwww!! We asked if we could come in and share a message with she and her husband. SHE LET US IN OUT OF THE RAINNNN!!!! :'D Soooo so nice!! And they were so lovely! She didn't want us to go back out in the rain after we taught them, bless her! haha she'd do this really cute giggle, where she'd shrug her shoulders and squint her eyes, such a cute tiny woman!! and she kept saying, yes, we're so lucky, aren't we roy? :)) and every time we asked her a question, she'd turn to her husband to ask him first. So sweet! But that was a huge miracle!

And mom, yes, I did get easter candy, and even set up an egg hunt for Sister Harp. It was the best thing ever!! We made a really nice breakfast for ourselves, and it was sunny, and literally perfect. I love Easter!! And to top it all off, we got to go to the temple today!!! I know!! It was so good, and I needed it so bad. We only get to go no p-days that are bank holidays, so not very often. I was so grateful for the sweet Horton couple who took us :) It's just been a blessed week! We even dated our investigator Jillian to baptism! Prayers are answered!

I love you all!!

Sister Carter 

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