Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Email #15: Brynn Becomes a Trainer

Holy moly my fam, guess what?!!!!

I AM TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!
K bye!

Haha jk, but seriously, I have been blessed with the amazing
opportunity to train a new missionary! I can't believe it! I am so
excited and maybe a bit nervous, but ya know;) it'll be so fun and
crazy, I know I'm going to grow a lot. I'm just preparing my mind! And

This week was insanity! It was Sister Harp's last week as a
missionary, and on top of that we had an exchange in Runcorn (which
was amazing). We were only in our area one full day this week though,
which is so strange... I'm like...what's Wrexham? Haha she had her
temple trip and I got to go on exchange In Warrington with Sister
Orleans. We had a blast, and I love Warrington! And now I'm back here
again waiting for exchange while Sis H is in the mission home/ flying
home.... What the...?? So weird..

There have been some funny things happening every day, but I'll just
share a few of them.

On exchange, in Runcorn, we were street contacting and ran into this
lady who was very nice and open. While introducing ourselves, she
began dancing and saying how much she loved elvis and the cha cha!!
Haha we were like, wow, you've got skills lady! Haha she was so funny!
As we were talking she kept changing her mind about things and it was
so hard to keep track of what she was talking about. As we were
walking away I realized that basically everyone we're teaching at the
moment is like that! Crazy and hilarious! Love it!

As it was Sis Harp's last Sunday, we were able to convince our bus
station security guard friend, John, to come to church! He was
hesitant at first, and we came to find out that he was baptised when
he was young, but went less active right after. He came to church and
stayed all three hours!! It was amazing!! After church he came up to
me and says that he really enjoyed it. He'd come with questions in
mind and said that he felt something inside himself changing. He wants
us to teach him!! It's so exciting!! Such a miracle! I haven't read
all of your emails yet cuz today is crazy, but I'll update you all
next week on what happens!!!!!!!!!

I love you all!!!

Sister Carter

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