Monday, March 21, 2016

Email #12: Fun at the Wrexham Street Display

Week 8......... :)

Well hello there everyone!
Wow wow!! Okay so let me just say, I love you all! I feel so blessed to have suuuch an amazing family and supportive friends. I can feel your prayers and support every day. President Ulrich reminded us of something a few weeks back. He told us that everyday there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of prayers being said for me (and all missionaries, but it feels nicer to personalize it) each day. Most of all for me to be happy!  SO BE HAPPY!! Find joy in the service! I love it! It is always so comforting to think of all of those prayers :)
This week started out with a Time Out for Sisters meeing! All of the EMM sister missionaries got together and learned about women in faith. We got to eat some reallllly good food, mingle, do a service project, and had a talent show. Basically best day ever. Long day though, we didn't get home from Manchester until 9:30 at night!! I know! But the sisters in this mission are so great! Also, the women in church history are amazing examples to me! I want to be just like them!
We set some really great goals to be more focused and motivated this week! I can already feel the progress! It's working! But I must admit, it's been a tough week. Idk if the boys ever felt this way, but so far on my mission, my moods and emotions have been magnified. So if I feel quiet one day, I feel QUIEEET, or if I feel excited and pumped one day, It's like nobody's business! haha but yeah, I have felt like I was in a rut. We didn't seem to be able to find anyone new to teach, and Liam is still not ready to be baptized. BUUUUUT before you worry about me, my zone leaders told us in zone meeting to have an Ether 12:6 mentality. ( I should have seen this coming ;) That it really isn't until after the trial of my faith that I can receive that witness. I kept reminding myself that this week! I kept being obedient, and trying my best, and I know that we will see miracles. It is suuuuch a huge comfort to know that. And it is that hard times that really build your faith, they help me to realize that I can't depend on myself, but this work is truly His.
We have, however, been working with these two young men who have been less active for a while. On Thursday, we taught them how to really use the scriptures, and did a scripture chase with them! It was so good! they both got really into it, and were like, hey let us pick a scripture for you to find!! haha Yes!!! And they were both at churchon Sunday- winning!! ;)
ok so my story this week comes from Saturdays street display!! HAHAA ok, prepare yourself. There is this woman in Wrexham who believes that we must be vegan to be saved, which is interesting, but ya know. Anyways,I don't think she is terribly keen having us around. So we were at our street display and up she comes with a huge canvas with words in red paint on it, saying something about how people need to watch a certain movie. We were all like.... uhhh whaaaa?? But she just stood there, and got mad at us cuz we eat meat! People passing by must have been pretty confused! haha it's just random stuff like that that just keep you on your toes, keep you laughing, and really just confuse you sometimes as well! haha idk I wish I had a better story, but next week I will.
I love you all! and Maddie, btw I wasn't even offended or anything, no worries!! haha I was just messing with ya!
Sister Carter

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