Friday, March 18, 2016

Email #11: Long Days, Short Weeks

Hello family!!
Well well, another week has gone by... How?!! It's crazy to me how quick time is going! The days seem long, but the weeks are ridiculously short! So much happened this week, I'll have to just do some of the highlights.

One of our recent converts is seriously amazing. His name is Mike and he is the best!! He was looking through the ward list and found a less active member and asked us to come meet her with him. She lives in he beautiful little town up in the hills called Brymbo. And. She. Is. Uhhhmazing. Seriously, she is a huge miracle and answer to prayers. She is way gung Ho about coming home church and even to come and help us. Basically we've decided that she is gunna be a ward missionary like she was in her past ward. Yayayyyyy!!
Liam is still doing well, and we role played with him telling his family about his commitment to keep the word of wisdom. He can do it!! 

A member of our ward passed away a few weeks ago and his funeral was on Tuesday. He was quite a unique person, and his funeral showed it. Sis Harp and I were asked to sing in a musical number. It was an old Irish or Scottish folk song called "all around my hat" and I love it!!! The bishops daughter accompanied us on a 12 string guitar, which was so great. But I was grateful to have been able to participate in the service, he was a great man.

There have been some funny and crazy stuff going on as well. We were asked to make. Cardboard horse for the road show and it turned out... Really good?? Hahaha no it looked like a hot dog/bald dog!! Hahaha needless to say they didn't end up using it ;) also while we were tracting one night, house after house crazy stuff happened! I'm talking every single house! Haha for example, at one house a super old woman was coming to get the door, but she couldn't unlock it, so she tried giving us her key through the mail slot for us to open it, but it didn't work, so we literally sat there speaking to her through her mail slot!! Haahaha then the next house was another older woman, who wasn't interested, but her dog got out (bare in mind she has a walker) and it hopped out of her garden into the neighbor's... We were like... Uhhhh... Come back dog!! We ended up chasing it back in, and it hopped out again. Gotten love dogs... Haha 

We've been working a lot with less active members and recent converts this week, and my testimony of member missionary work has really been strengthened. On Sunday, a member of the high council spoke about being active in the church vs being active in the gospel. I know that as we are anxiously engaged in being converted followers of Christ's gospel, we will desire to share the joy it brings to us with others. We will see the beauty in this life, and look forward to one day returning to Him. This work is not always easy but it is so important. How great is our purpose.

I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for your love and support!
Sister Carter

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