Monday, March 7, 2016

Email #10: First Transfer!

Brynn's first Transfer.......and a surprise!

HI FAM BAM!!!!!!!
ETHAN!!! whattheheckhowareyou17????? YES!!! HAPPY STINKIN BIRTHDAY!!! You are the best and I hope that it was so fun! It sounds like it was a bit crazy, but that's better than not crazy, am i right? haha I love you though, and I hope you know that my heart was there with ya! 
Man oh man oh man... where do I even go with this email??

So ok. so. yes. this week was transfers!! And, no, Sister Harp didn't go home yet, but this is her last tranfer, But no worries, we are still together in Wrexham. We spent Monday saying our goodbyes to Elder Judd and Sister Holmes at a place called Yo! Sushi! hahahaha I died! But it is super legit, the sushi comes around on a conveyer belt thing! We had a lot of fun together. I have absolutely loved this district! I feel so grateful that they were my first one, and it's sad to have to say goodbye, but like my friend Regan said, the changes are what make the mission. Basically it's all good :) I could really feel my confidence growing this week. I was able to be a lot more bold, and at our street display Saturday, I was talking to people pretty much the whole time. As we were teaching two less active teens on Thursday, we shared the story in Alma 2, how the Nephites were able to defeat the innumerable army of lamanites and amalikites. It was their earnest prayers and faith that were able to bring down the powers of heaven in their behalf. As we asked them what they may need heaven's aid in in their own lives, I felt inspired to share my experience from Junior year, how it was SO hard for me, but as I was able to turn it over to the Lord, the miracles came. I could see how sharing this story really touched them, and one came to church on Sunday!! I KNOW!!

We have been teaching Liam more, and he came to church on Sunday. He is a fun one to teach, and our lessons are always very... interesting ;) haha but last night was a huge highlight. It was my first missionary fireside! It was held in Manchester South, and we brought Liam. the sweet Prices gave us a lift up there, and the meeting was AMAZING! It was insanity before it started, so many people!! SO MANY MISSIONARIES!!! haha I didn't know any of them, but the nice thing is, they are all nice! HA! but it was way fun to chat with them all! I can't remember hardly any of them, but that's ok. The meeting itself was powerful. There were several recent converts who spoke of their experiences and shared their testimonies. Last of all, President Ulrich spoke, and WOW was it powerful! He invited all the investigators there to read the Book of Mormon, to pray, to give up addictions, to be baptized. The spirit was so strong, and as soon as he finished, Liam leaned over to me and said, "wow, he's the most powerful speaker I've ever heard!" I know that his talk was for Liam. 

The rest of the week was great! one of the funniest moments was walking home from an appointment, there was a lady that was behind the bus stop shelter thing (that is clear glass), and a stone wall behind it. We walked by and were like.. okay.. but then she came out from behind the clear stop and said, " sorry girls, when a lady's gotta go, a lady's gotta go..."!!!!! HAHAHAHA WHATTT???!!!! I know! So Sister Harp realized that the stream of "water" that she'd just stepped over wasn't water at all... GROSS AND HILARIOUS!!! HAAAHAHA
one of the funnest thing was tracting with a member, mike, who rocks! we came to a door that was "mine", and as soon as I introduced us, he got WAY excited saying, " do you have anything to do with the Mormon Tabernacle Chior???" YES!! he loves them and listens to them all of the time, and we're going back tomorrow!! 

It's been a great week! I have learned a ton, and I am so excited to be starting my second transfer!! Whuuuut?? haha 
ALSO.... I cut my hair.
Love you all!!!!
Sister Carter

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