Monday, June 5, 2017

Life is short, eat dessert first!

Hiya fam!
Literally my subject line has been true for this week in sooo many
ways, but particularly today when we got hungry up at the grandstand
and got donuts (reminded me so much of nana's I was dying!!) before
our lunch!! Haha I am so sorry sister popa, my sugar fast days have
ended... #sixweekstoenjoyenglishsweets
I cannot say thank you enough for all of your words of encouragement
and love this week. They have meant so much! Haha it is good to know
that I'm not forgotten.. most of the time ;) I feel so blessed to have
amazing friends and family who care so much. Cheers!
It has been a super fun and interesting week. I will say that I have
never felt more conspicuous in my whole life!! This is not a crowd
that sister missionaries blend into, we stick out like sore thumbs!
Haha where's my leathers when I need um? There are people here from
literally all around the world, and most of the time I can't
understand what they are saying. You also have the mix of the old
classic Harley type riders, but also the new up and coming racing
riders as well.. then you got the tourists... then you have us!! Haha
it is crazy! And so fun! But I have never gotten so many funny looks
in my whole life from literally everyone! Bless us.. aw but yes, we
are still sharing the gospel in every way we can. We went up near the
grandstand earlier in the week, and met this man and his cute family.
He was super nice, and helped us to meet some riders and things, we
spoke to him about why we are here, and how we are missionaries. He
had to go though all of a sudden, maybe a race started, can't
remember. But then the next night we were up in another part of the
island, and "randomly" bumped into him again. This time, without his
family, he was able to ask more questions. Turns out his cousin was a
member who actually passed several years ago here. We gave him a Book
of Mormon, and he gratefully accepted it. We will go see him again
after the TT. Literally the only bad thing about TT is how busy the
locals are during it... so everyone tells us to come back in 2 weeks.
But no worries :)
We have invited several of our investigators to be baptised, the most
promising is peter. We are really excited about him. We were able to
ask why he has this desire to know these things are true for himself.
He told us that he doesn't feel he has a clear direction in life. He
also sees the good that religion has done for his sister, so we were
able to really establish expectations for him, and help him to see
that this will truly bless his life so much. Keep praying for him!
We found out that iris has this super cute rabbit, rocky, he is a
dwarf bunny thing, and is soooo cute! His face is all smushed in and
cute. We have been serving her in her garden, hoovering her carpets,
and just helping her. Her heart is softening. Love her!
I love being here, I love being a missionary. I have seen many
miracles throughout this week, and have hope for more to come. Thanks
for your prayers and love!
Have a fab week friends!!
Sister Carter xx

This is only the beginning.. lots more bikes to come!
 This is the Marsh's in our ward, they are top scrutineers for the races, nice one. xx

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