Monday, May 29, 2017


So basically not only do loads of motorbikes come over for TT, but now everyone is taking out their Lamborghini's! We were walking along this road in Douglas, near one of the roads that doubles as the course, and this lambo drives past us!! WOW! so neat! haha then about a minute later, it pulls up next to us and stops at the red light... we literally could have reached out and touched it! We started to walk REAL slow ;) haha but that just seems to be a normal experience for us here right now! nbd :)
Anyways! We have had a good, and very quick week. We have also had miracles happen. I am so grateful! We found a man, Glen. He is very prepared and willing to meet with us. He is from Pennsylvania, super country, and has had many experiences in his life that have humbled him. He believes in God, but has some anger in his heart towards him. We have been able to see him and teach him the restoration, and eagerly anticipate teaching him the plan of salvation on Tuesday. We also had another miracle with our investigator, Peter. He was going to drop us after our first lesson, but agreed to still meet for the second. As we taught him the plan of salvation, the spirit was strong. We were able to better establish expectations, and ask more questions. He has agreed to continue to meet with us, and we are so grateful for that. One other miracle happened this week. We were able to see a part member family in the ward, the Zivave family. They are from Zimbabwe, and are so nice. We taught them about treasuring the things that matter the most in our lives. We discussed how our families are a gift from God. As we taught them, their son, felix. who is 9 and not baptised yet. was listening intently. We had a chance to speak to the parents after the lesson, and they agreed to have us come and teach him the missionary lessons. The mom is really willing, but the father doesn't seem to be very excited about it all. He is a member, but it seems that he has some issues with the commandments, and his heart isn't very soft. We are so excited though and ready to begin working with them more!!  
I am feeling so blessed to be here right now. This is such a unique experience to anyone anywhere, and I feel the trusted and blessed. I know that God is taking such good care of us over here. I love my companion, Sister Wamsley makes me laugh non stop. And she is really going to help me through this super odd transition coming soon. 
BTW, yes we are both staying here this transfer! I will die on the Isle of Man! We were expecting that actually because tickets to get on and off the island cost an arm and a leg right now. Literally so much! So no worries! We are both super excited :)
I love you all, and hope you are enjoying the beginnings of summer!!
Tah for now!
Sister Carter

pic: 1)this is what happens when you steal sister preston's ipad ha!
2,3) doing service at Bishop's farm. these tents are intense, huge, and for TT campers #glamping

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