Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day

Woohoo!!! It's may!! And literally you can feel it in the air, and
there is nothing better, I promise!
This week has been smashing, and fast. Almost as fast as I anticipate
the TT to be. But we shall see.. anyways! Yes it was fab!
We have had some updates on our investigators. Turns out Jin, the cute
Chinese woman, is Buddhist. We got to teach her with the elders in
Liverpool who speak Chinese. As she left, she wouldn't set a return
appointment, saying she had lots to think about.. I still feel she
felt the spirit as she was reading in the BOM. So we shall see, we
will call her this week. And the lesson with the Zivave family was
good, but if you have any experience with keeping parents and small
children all involved, especially when it is like teaching them all
fresh, please send them our way. There are definitely deeper concerns
there, but we are still working with them. Probably we will teach one
principle at a time. Lots of work to be done in Douglas, woot woot!
Haha ah I love it here!
The senior couple, the Karrens, were gone for the weekend in England,
so when we went to church on Sunday we were like.. what the?!! Where
are our parents?! Bless them! They are so wonderful. They had a great
time exploring over there :)
There are a few times each year that the tide is out far enough in
Douglas that you can walk out to the tower of refuge. It is right in
the middle of the Douglas bay. So it was opened on Friday night! We
were walking along the promenade, and there are loads of people all in
their wellies. At the same time, there is a cycling race for teens
along the prom, so there were just gobs of people!! Haha! A
missionary's dream hah! It helped though to get some conversations
started up, asking "hey, what's going on?! We are from America! And
have no idea" *wink wink* haha no it was good. But it gave us a taste
of what it will be like this summer. Everyone has been telling us the
island is just going to explode with so many people, woohoo! So much
anticipation, I can hardly stand it!

We had a miracle, as we were heading to an appointment, we stopped
this young man, Sam. As we explained a bit about who we are, what we
do, and how we teach about Christ, he started to open up. He told us
about how his mum had had the missionaries around a few years ago. He
mentioned that he has a belief in something, but not sure what yet. We
met with him again on Saturday, and had a super good lesson about the
restoration of the gospel. He told us that he had a prayer answered
when he was younger as well, and felt much like Joseph smith!! He has
a sincere heart, and we are so excited to keep working with him! Youth
are the best!!!
I am seriously so excited it is may! I knew that as soon as this month
came, the weather would change, and literally today the temperature
jumped like 10 degrees!!! Summer is coming, and I am overjoyed! When
was the last time I took off my jacket to go outside?!! I can't even
remember haha ahhhh yayayayayyyy!!! Our good friend, Sister Dobbie,
took us out today to visit some beautiful places on the Isle of Man,
and wooooowwww!!! I will send you some pictures! Most are from a place
they call the chasms, so pretty! I love nature! Hah!
Anyways, it has been a good week, and things are still looking up! Here goes!!
I love you all so much!
Bye for now!
Sister Carter

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