Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week #31 Ni hui xi li ma (translation: Do you wanna get baptised?!!!)

Embracing culture, word.
I'm grateful to have lived through another week. Thanks elder Nilsson
for the advice, I can sleep when I'm dead. Your right. But man, can
you get any tireder than this?? Haha it's funny though how on mission
you actually learn to love being tired. It means that (in most cases
at least) your working hard, doing what your supposed to. Yay! Hah!
Any ways, I want you to not get super bored while reading this, or to
not just see it and be like.. Nah that email is way too long, not
I'll say some highlights. So being an STL is super fun, and I feel so
good having so much more purpose! Serving is the cure, to anything! I
love the Mormon message, lift, where the man says something like," to
cure the body you have to turn inward, but to heal the soul you have
to turn outward." It's so true! And I have felt true healing to my
soul as I have had so many opportunities to serve this week :))

MLC or mission leadership council was on Thursday, and it was amazing.
We got to really discuss our vision and hopes for our mission this
transfer. I felt super inspired and uplifted, ready to go hard for the
rest of the transfer! We talked about uprooting our old foundation
from before, and to re lay a new one. As I pondered upon that this
week, I have been thinking about my own foundation. What is it based
upon? Or what do I wish for it to be built on? I decided that it MUST
be upon Jesus Christ and His atonement. I know that that sounds so
obvious, like of course, we all know that. But do we? Did I really
know that? What does that mean? and is that my foundation?? Think
about it for a minute. It was definitely a turning point for me to
really realise how much I need to re lay my foundation. As I am able
to make this the centre of my life, my focus, my will, my teaching,
all will balance out. I also felt a serious need for myself to re
learn prayer. I got quite good at it while training, but I am
realising that I have slacked. Not ok! I feel soooo much potential
lies in this mission, in this area, and I have power to harness that
and make things happen! Get that ball rolling. That comes through the
power of prayer and diligence. This desire to do so comes from this
focus on Christ and His Sacrifice. I am excited and ready to dig up my
old slash non existent foundation, and re lay, based on Christ.

On Thursday after Mlc, we went out finding, and found Cindy, a very
sweet Chinese
student. We gave her a chapel tour right then, and invited her to be
baptised. She said she would be, but she also expressed that she
leaves for China next Monday. We decided that we better teach her
quick then. On Friday we taught her the first lesson, and she came to
sports night after and loved it. On Saturday we taught a powerful plan
of salvation lesson, and she came early before church yesterday to
learn the gospel of Jesus Christ and the law of chastity. She is
amazing, and kept all the commitments we gave her. She expressed also
that she had received answers to her prayers. As she closed that
lesson in prayer, she said, "Heavenly Father, I will always believe in
you. Thank you for everything I have learned, I will never forget this
peace I feel." I love cindy. What a miracle she is! After church,
which she really enjoyed, she came to a soup and sandwich event our
bishop was hosting. I was thinking and praying all day yesterday. She
had told us that her parents arrive here at 6am this morning, and that
she will leave for London on Tuesday, and stay there until she and her
family leave for China later in the week. I just have felt she is so
prepared and wanted to just baptise her right then! I expressed my
thoughts to elder watterson, and after speaking to her and bishop, he
told name that if we can finish teaching her, she has the desire, and
we could get president's permission, she could be baptised this
(Monday) afternoon. We all fasted and prayed that this could be, but
kept in mind that it is ultimately the Lord's will. His timing is what
really matters. As we called her this morning, she told us that she
doesn't have enough time, and after talking to president Ulrich, I
realised that yes, we will need to refer her to her branch in China...
However sad hat may be, I am incredibly for this whirlwind of events.
I have learned so much from cindy and from teacher
If her. Much about my desires and aligning them with God's will. And I
am sure I will continue to learn more and more from this experience as
days go by!

Even though this whole week has been a whirlwind, it has been one of
the best weeks in a long time. I love to have added purpose, and to be
so involved again. I have really re gained a lot of confidence and
drive! I feel fantastic :)
So much for keeping it short! Haha
I seriously love you all. I'm not just saying that! Keep going, you
are the best.
Stay classy
Sister Carter
P.s. My subject means.... Do you wanna get baptised?!!!

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