Monday, February 20, 2017

So much to be thankful for

Heya fam!
This week has been super fab! We had lots of adventures, and I GOT THE PACKAGEEE!! thank you SOOO so much for that, and for all the post you all have been sending lately. I literally cannot tell you how happy it makes me! Thank you!!

Valentines day was so great! it never fails, what a good holiday, hey Ethan? haha nah, jokes, but i really do love Valentines day, and plus, IT WAS MY SUGAR DAY!! fyi: i am off sugar until my birthday... So that was amazing. needless to say i stuffed my face, and Sister Flake said it was the best thing ever to see that pure joy! haha oh my days! haha yes, true :) It also was her Half way mark day! So we celebrated a lot! I also may have freaked out a bit too... thats just too crazy! But yes, it was a wonderful day, also thinking about sharing our message of the infinite love that comes from our Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ. That is what this mission is all about. So it tied in perfectly :)

We are finally starting to build our teaching pool. It is quite tough to have dry spells, especially when they last a long time. We have been finding constantly, me for about the past 3 months, but we are getting appointments, and I am beyond grateful for that. We are teaching Kirsty still, and she is keeping her commitments, and came to church again yesterday- woohoo! what a joy that is! She told us that she prayed and felt an answer to her prayers, and we are going to keep seeing her throughout this week, yayay! We have a few others in the works as well, but I am really seeing the hand of God touching our lives. I have this renewed hope. I know that there are always trials of our faith, and that I need this time to really stretch me, and allow me to rely completely upon the Lord. I cannot do this on my own, and He is allowing miracles to come into our lives. We have gotten a few member referrals recently, and can I just say, that is the most wonderful thing. It is good to know that they trust us enough to have us meet their friends. That is how the work will progress though, when members and missionaries unite. We are all in this together. Thank you fam for being such amazing member missionaries, I am blown away every email i get from yous about how you share the gospel and share some more! keep going!

We had some really funny moments this week, Sister Flake is keeping me laughing, so at least there is some consistency in missionary work ;) but overall I have felt this overwhelming sense of gratitude and peace this week. I know that God lives. He is so aware of each one of us. He wants us to be happy, and He wants us to progress. I also know that happiness comes from within. It is not a quest or a goal to work towards, but it comes from having that desire. We can choose each day to be happy. We can choose to do the best with the opportunities that are presented us, and trust in the Lord to guide our lives. He is guiding mine. Sometimes the path is all sunshiny, sometimes there are some storms, but as we realise that He loves us and we are moving forward on this path, we can be happy no matter what part we are at. I have really seen that this week. We can put our full trust in Him. We can stop comparing ourselves to others. We can stop worrying about the past, and move on. We can be truly and wonderfully happy. This doesn't mean we won't be tired, or sad, or stressed. But amidst it all we can have joy and peace. I know this is true because I have really experienced it this week. Life is good :)

I wish I had some good stories to tell, but my brain is like a siv, and I think most of the funny moments, you had to kinda be there, and also be a missionary.. (our sense of humor is altered dramatically.... if you haven't already noticed!) hah! 

Anyways, that's about it! So be happy, because God loves you!
And I love you!!
Sister Carter xx

pics: some are from a while ago, but enjoy!! 
the ones from the bus stop are from today because it is warm enough to not wear a coat, WHAT!?? XD

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