Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy 2017!!

Yes, just when you got used to writing /16 is the day 2017 starts, I know haha But WE MADE IT THROUGH 2016!!! What an incredible year it was, hey?? More on that in a bit.
It was SO GOOD TO SKYPE YOU FAM!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh haha I was quite worried actually that it would be super weird, or that I wouldn't be able to get back to work well, etc etc, the normal worries, but it was SO fun to talk to you, and it didn't sway me much from my focus! haha aka boxing day= regular proselyting day ;) But yes, thank you Brooke and Christian for letting me see and talk to Fay and Nash, they are SO STINKING CUTE, and I loved it so much, even if I couldn't talk amid all the...emotion! haha ah, and sorry if I was awkward at all, something happens to you as a missionary... (you'll find this out soon Ethan) you can get kinda awkward! But Austin forewarned me, so I am happily accepting it all! Cheers Brotha! 
Christmas though on a mission, it was amazing, I absolutely loved getting to go to church and to really remember what this holiday is all about as I partook of the Sacrament. We are eternally blessed that our Saviour was born that day. And what a blessing to be a missionary and to declare His gospel at this time of year! You'd caught me/us after a long week of finding, rather unsuccessfully as well, so sorry if I sounded less than enthusiastic about it. But someone in Sacrament meeting said something that really hit home for me. It seems that Satan tries really hard to discourage us just before something amazing is about to happen (Christmas), to try to knock our faith, but Sister Popa and I did our best to keep our spirits up, and prayed a lot a lot, and this week was incredible!! Yay yay! p.s. sorry I didn't take my camera with me throughout the day on Christmas to the different members homes we went to, but we had a blast at the Hoyles and the Botts! Lots of kids, and south africans, yesss!!
Anyways, yes, this has been an interesting, but really fun week. Boxing day, everything is down... no buses, no shops, nothing! So we had to walk everywhere! Which was fun, we found new places in our area we have never been to before! We also found out that day that we would be having an exchange on Wednesday with the Rossendale Valley sisters, surprise! The exchange was amazing, and we all saw miracles here in Chorley (we all stayed in our area)! One was right after Sister Taumalolo and I started tracting, this lady opened up, and imediately invited us in! (that never happens first of all) and then proceeded to tell us that she wants us to take her and her granddaughter on a tour of the temple! She was so enthusiastic about it all, and we got to explain to her why we have temples, and as we left her eyes got teary as she thanked us so sincerely for doing what we do :)) It was the sweetest thing ever. We saw lots of other miracles throughout the day, but also some trying times as well, our appointments falling through, and roads we'd planned to tract not being tract-able... BUT I have a firm testimony that God blesses those who diligently trust and obey Him. Who go forth with faith. It is real, and we were able to really help their companionship in their time of need. Such an inspired exchange! YES! 
We finished the week off with New years eve and new years!! It was actually kind of weird for both Sis P and I... We were like... oh no, 2017 is here?? ALREADY??? haha but I am so excited for this year! I feel such excitement within me. As i pondered on this past year and how I can improve and what will happen, I had an overwhelming feeling that if I just go forth with all I have, relying on the Lord for whatever I lack, this year will be the best yet! I can truly do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil 4:13). I know that this is true. I invite you all to set goals, with the Lord, write them down, and then tell someone them who will keep you accountable. Set up a time when they will regularly follow up on those goals (FHE, Thursday nights, whenever). Make an inspiration board! It's time to BECOME all that we want, and God wants us to become. YAY 2017!!
I love you all!! Thank you for being so supportive to me all throughout 2016, and always! 
Keep it real!
Sister Carter xx

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